Friday, August 28, 2009

Mad Rant: Socialist Ted

Today the memorials are in full swing for the late Senator Ted Kennedy with his funeral mass to be held tomorrow. The tributes and glowing accounts of this hypocritical, socialist blowhard are almost too much for my damaged mind to handle. His legacy is that of one of the most hard-core leftists in the US government as well as that of one who rode to power on his brother's coattails & family connections, a drunkard, a playboy and a hypocrit who used his religion to advance his own agenda and disregarded it when it interfered with his hold on power. This man was not a hero. This was a man who had numerous affairs, but worse than that, got drunk, drove off a bridge and drowned a girl then went home, talked with his family and sobered up a bit before even calling the police and emergency services. This was a man who waved his Catholicism as a flag to push for socialist policies and illegal immigration but totally ignored his Church when it came to things like the homosexual agenda, stem cell research and abortion (or taking communion while in a state of mortal sin). This was a man who campaigned against Governor-appointed short-term 'substitute senators' when his Governor was a Republican but in his last days campaigned for that very policy when his Governor is a Democrat and his party's agenda was in danger. But what about more fundamental political philosophy?

Virtually every political movement can be traced back to the French Revolution (actually much earlier but space is limited). There is the side of God, King and Country and there is the side of an engineered society, socialism, enforced uniformity (they call it "equality") and an end to inherited wealth, inherited position and vested rights. That last bit alone should convince anyone that there can be no common ground between monarchists and socialists/communists of any stripe. Kennedy is no exception. He supported his liberal brother in opposing the French and the government of the last Vietnamese Emperor in Congress. He later supported surrendering the country and all of Indochina to inevitable communist takeover. He opposed the restoration of the Emir of Kuwait when his country was taken over by the republican dictator Saddam Hussein and he supported the Clinton administration's policy of allowing no royal restorations in eastern Europe after the fall of the USSR. He was a critic of the monarchist regime in Iran and he accused the British of turning Northern Ireland into another "Vietnam" and had close ties with many radical leftist Irish republican leaders. He never seemed to tire of calling for disarmament and opposed any effort by the US to fight communist subversion in Asia, Africa or Central America. His lending of the Kennedy family name to Obama was also instrumental in securing his nomination by the party for President; thus ushering in a new administration that is filled to the brim with avowed leftists, socialists and even admitted admirers of Marx, Lenin and Mao.

To bad there are others as bad and worse to take his place but I will certainly be crying no rivers of tears on his departure from this mortal coil. Wheverever he is now he will have a lot to answer for and the US Senate is at least a little less revolutionary red since he is gone. Am I cold? Am I heartless? Maybe so, maybe not, but I am ... The Mad Monarchist.


  1. You're the Smart Monarchist, by all accounts1
    Great rundown on the creep.

    Catholic? Nah, he was a fake from the start.
    I'd call him the agent of junior demons myself, not senior ones.

    It's totally unbelievable to me all this endless hoopla over Senator Blah, the very kindest description one could say.
    I was always repelled by him.

    [Then we also can't stop seeing the ghoulish face of michael jackson plastered all over the news - he refuses to die, a little like Rasputin. At least jackson's story keeps reappearing every time one hoped it was finally over]

    All this sick mentality shows the skewed vision & bizarre tastes of so many American people.

    Thanks for the excellent summing up Comrade Feodor Kennedyov.

    What is your opinion about John?
    I suspect Joe Jr. was the best of those brothers?

  2. Congratulations sir - I'm simply delighted that Slimebag Ted Kennedy has now had to face a Judge who can't be bought, cajoled, threatened, or charmed by pseudo-Hibernian rhetoric.

    National Lampoon got Ted's measure almost 40 years ago:

  3. You're likely to get quite lonely in my fan club and there's a small army of conspiratorial phsyciatrists and psychologists who would disagree with you! Some dismiss Kennedy's abortion stance as unimportant but I cannot get past the fact that he originally opposed it but then embraced it for political gain and then every successive step against natural life that followed it. Joe Jr probably was the best of the bros but he didn't have much of a chance to disappoint either. The women have been more tolerable, the older matriarchs anyway like Eunice Shriver. Though I might have disagreed with most of her politics I had at least some respect for her for standing by her moral principles even when her family and party went against them.

  4. Thanks for the link RJ, that was good. "pseudo-Hibernian"; I think you hit the nail on the head with that phrase. I have nothing but respect and sympathy for the Irish and yet the actions of the Kennedy clan regarding the Irish situation never ceases to annoy me. In the old days the social-climber Papa Joe liked nothing better than rubbing shoulders with royals as ambassador to St James and yet Teddy's inflamatory statements did no one on either side any good nor did his nephew's simply rude boycott of Queen Elizabeth II's address to Congress. They slandered the British with their rhetoric and gave vague statements that pumped up the most radical marxist elements on the Irish republican side while of course never having the courage or honesty to come out and openly support the cause of Sinn Fein & the IRA. He could have said that, as Irish Catholic, he supported civil rights, even a united Ireland but opposed the revolutionary marxism that the hardcore of the republican camp espoused. But no, their way was always to insult the British and inflame the Irish without ever openly taking a stand on the underlying issue.


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