Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just a Note on the Duchess of Cambridge

As I'm sure everyone knows, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge recently made her first public speech yesterday at The Treehouse in Ipswich, all very nice, very good cause and she spoke very well and all that. I just wanted to take a minute to draw attention to that great head of hair. I'm serious. Of course she's as lovely as can be, but for some reason it struck me seeing her at this event that it's been quite a while since I've seen such fine, feminine locks on a British princess. Lady Diana had short hair, Princess Anne usually wears her hair 'up', the Duchess of Cornwall has a pretty short 'do' and even HM the Queen keeps her hair fairly short. I'm certainly not saying short hair is in any way unattractive, I've known plenty of lovely ladies with short hair (even very short hair) and amongst the House of Windsor Lady Gabriella has rocked the short look (and looks just as good with it long) but I do like seeing the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her hair as she does. I hope she keeps it up, think of it as compensation for Prince William who, like so many, is getting quite thin on top (you've noticed, I know you have). Just something that struck me -thought I'd mention it. Love the hair Your Highness!


  1. The fact that the Duchess also borrows clothes from her Mother is not only a tribute to her own sense of thriftiness, in these difficult times, but also a compliment to the style and attractiveness of Mrs Middleton !!!

  2. I listened to the Duchess Speech and she is a Very Very Good speaker!
    As for her hair and dress, loved it!

    Her style and poise is only matched by the grace and dignity with which she carries herself.

    She is a role model for the U.K.'s young women.

    Keep up the good work Duchess!

  3. I liked the cross myself, considering that legal battle going on in Britain currently over the right to wear a cross at work and so on.

    1. @A.Nicot I did`nt notice she wearing a cross, thank you for pointing that out !! It is good to know that the Royal family do not embrace the aggressive secularism ( only applying to christians of course ) which is indeed tearing at the fabric of British society.

  4. She is a lovely, well-spoken, and so sincere. She is a role model for every young woman! I love her hair, too. AND the cross necklace! It's nice to see that.

    God bless the Duchess of Cambridge!

  5. The Duchess didn't borrow her mother’s dress, it was actually her mother who borrowed Catharine’s dress for Ascot, her daughter first wore it the year before.

    Catharine has lovely hair, but it takes 4hours a week at the hair dressers to get it like that and she gets a lot of flak for it. I'd rather she tie it back, she simply can't help flipping it like a high school girl every few minutes when she’s on duty, it’s a very annoying habit for a 30year old woman. I think it's her security blanket, once she gets a bit more experience we might see a slightly different do.


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