Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mad Motivation: The History of Iraq


  1. This error appened too in Portugal. The republicans expulsed HM D.Manuel II, a perfect king. But some contries get the message like Spain and Cambodja. After the dictators, those contries restored their monarchies

  2. I have no doubt that those who overthrew and then executed King Faisal, in 1958, justified their actions in the name of " freedom " Yet where did their revolution lead them? Decades of political instability, economic stagnation and ethnic conflict, exploited by a corrupt political class who`s ultimate gift to the Iraqi people was Saddam Hussein. Anyone who would seek to replace a Monarchy ( of whatever description ) with a Republic, and do so in the name of " freedom " need only look at the history of Iraq to realise that this road invariably leads to enslavement.

  3. "Democracy" Always leads to Tyranny, as you said M.M. it fractures the country along ethnic, racial, and class lines, rather than Uniting, Democracy inherently divides one segment of society against the other.

    A great example of how things get screwed up by revolutionaries is the death of Archduke Ferdinand, he was preparing to reorganize Austria and address the complaints of the Ethnic minorities, and after his death look what happened to the Balkans, 100 years later and it is still a tinderbox.

    Democracy leads to Tyranny and enslavement, as monarchists we must resist and restore, to have a chance to hold on to our way of life.


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