Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Favorite Royal Images: A Future King

Today, he's the King of Sweden


  1. and long may he reign, God save Carl VXI Gustaf !!!

  2. My only criticism of the House of Bernadotte regards their acceptance of the new Swedish constitution of 1975, instigated by that unlamented communist, Olof Palme, which robbed the Swedish monarchy of its remaining constitutional powers. I cant help thinking that if Carl Gustav`s father, Prince Gustaf Adolf, had lived and succeeded to the throne in 1973, he would not have accepted these changes quite so meekly, in particular, stripping the Swedish King of his role as Commander in Chief, an extremely important ceremonial position in any Monarchy. Had Gustaf Adolf refused to accept some or even all of these " reforms " i am quite sure he would have had the support of the majority of his people who contrary to popular belief, have never subscribed to the philosophy of the SAP communists. Perhaps now, King Carl XVI Gustaf would be the rightfull Commander in Chief of Sweden, in place of a politically appointed General, and exercising the other constitutional powers which were afterall, rightfully his.


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