Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

It is today, and though I don't go in much for these sorts of things, if you're going to highlight the role of women in the world, it seems to me the most obvious examples are often the most ignored:

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  1. The three European Queens are indeed overlooked by the leftist media and political establishment and for very obvious reasons. Elizabeth, Beatrix and Margrethe have been exceptional in discharging their constitutional duties, their grasp of political affairs is said to be outstanding, winning the respect of every minister who has served office under their reigns. I am continually struck by the similarities of their Majesties. Each became Monarch when they were the mothers of young children, each has had to find a balance between their position as head of state, and their natural inclinations as wives and mothers. All three women have deep relgious convictions, yet find themselves reigning over countries which are now ( regretablly ) largely secular. I think it most appropriate that we should celebrate the achievements of these three remarkable women, on International Womens day. God save the Queens!!!!


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