Friday, January 13, 2012

Monarchist Quote

"A republican form of government is not suited to the Italian people. They are not prepared for it either tempermentally or historically. In a republic every Italian would insist upon being President, and the result would be chaos. The only people who would profit would be the Communists".
-HM King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy


  1. These words are just like a prophit of the current italian situation.

  2. Indeed, more true words were never spoken. Everyone wants political power, so they rob the future to please the present, no one lingers long and the problems build and build until now they are reaching the crisis point when the bill collector is knocking at the door. What a difference a monarch with the ability to simply "apply the brakes" could have made.

  3. How prophetic of what actually happened during the Social revolution of 1861 to 1946 in Italy. Kingdom of Italy (a game on captures this well.


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