Friday, January 6, 2012

Mad Rant: God Ain't Fuzzy!

Believe it or not, some people think I tend to go overboard or be some sort of extremist (I know right?). Of course, really, I just go a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. But seriously, this may, in fact, simply be evidence of an established defect in my damaged mind. One of the (many) “ailments” the medical professionals diagnosed me with was, to put it in layman’s terms, a black/white personality disorder. Let me state for the record that, as with many of their findings, I am inclined to contest this (which of course they take as further proof that they‘re right and I‘m mad as a hatter), but this related, they claimed, to my propensity to view everyone and everything in absolute terms. They seemed to think I had trouble with gray areas, odd, as I’ve always been rather fond of the color. However, though I don’t like to talk about this stuff (and it has usually been a way of whistling past the bone orchard when I do) I thought it important to mention today, before I get to my main point, because I have no wish to ruin the reputation of anyone other than myself with my ranting. I speak for no one but myself. As I’ve said before, even most monarchists don’t like me. Remember that what I say is one man’s opinion and should not be your only basis for forming a point of view. Keep that in mind.

It is true that when it comes to monarchists many of my favorites tend to be those considered by the vast majority to be the absolute worst. They are the bogeymen who haunt the nightmares of revolutionaries and who even most monarchists consider shameful and subjects to be condemned for damaging the reputation of the cause rather than defended. This includes a wide array of figures and organizations from my friend the “Mad Baron” in the Far East to the Black Hundreds of Russia, the White Guards of Hungary, the Chetniks of Yugoslavia, Tarleton’s Legion in America or Colonel Dupin and his “Red Devils” in Mexico. All of these groups have, to varying degrees, been deemed “excessive” by most histories. Of course, in some instances their reputations are very much un-deserved, but in any event let me say that I am not so far gone as to admire such groups because of “excess” alone. I also have the greatest admiration for such royalists as the counterrevolutionaries of the Vendée who were saintly and even their worst enemies can usually say nothing more about them than that they view them as being on the wrong side of history or fighting in a noble way for a cause which (according to them) was horrible. However, I can say, that even if the Vendée martyrs had a reputation like some of those named above, I would still admire them just as much.

Again, speaking only for myself, the cause of monarchy cannot be separated from the cause of religion and it seems to me the western, formerly Christian, world particularly has an increasingly warped view of religion. That includes many Christians themselves in my view and not simply the secularist opposition. In fact, when I watch some religiously-themed or spiritual-type horror movies I sometimes think the secularist crowd understands at least some aspects of religion better than most religious people do. It comes down to this; most today view religion, Church, God etc as something all warm and fuzzy. You’re supposed to be inclusive and tolerant, love everyone and everything and if someone does something wrong you better fall all over yourself to assure them that while their actions may present an occasion for possibly doing something incorrect or being “morally disordered” (I love that one) that that doesn’t change the fact that you love the guilty party ootles and ootles! Warm and fuzzy. Cute and cuddly Christians. Well, I am sorry but I cannot go there. God ain’t fuzzy. Jesus is not supposed to just be your “bff” in the clouds, religion is not a fun hobby for those so inclined and Church wasn’t created to encourage social justice and champion democracy.

Religion is not about some idea of a parallel or alternate reality. It is about the ultimate reality and when you’re talking about “God” you are talking about an entity (for lack of a better word) that is more great, more powerful and yes even more terrifying than our puny little half brains could ever comprehend. In older forms of language words like “terrible” and “dreadful” were often used. Religion is about the ultimate conflict between good and evil. The evil part we don’t seem to have too much of a problem comprehending. Our blackest nightmares have concocted some images so frightening that we could imagine they come fairly close. The good, frankly, we cannot comprehend at all. So much suffering pervades the human condition that our concept of goodness is rather limited and even our wildest dreams of paradise fail to measure up. Ask a human to describe Hell and you get Dante’s Inferno with lots and lots of excruciating detail, each horror more spine-tingling than the last. Now, ask a human to describe Heaven and you get something like the Elysian Fields or a cloud and a harp. Notice the difference? God is the greatest good and we cannot fathom what that means. Even today the term itself, “greater good” almost invariably carries negative connotations.

If you think God is fuzzy, read about the Prophet Elijah in the Bible who, on divine orders, killed 500 prophets of the god Baal. Consider that one of the sins of King Saul was that he showed mercy to the Amalekites when God had ordered him to kill everyone and everything. As it was, King Saul spared only the Amalekite king and his best livestock and even that was too lenient for God. There are numerous other examples of God smiting people, devastating nations and showing no mercy, taking no prisoners and all of that stuff that atheists these days love to point out and Christians try to gloss over by uncomfortably saying that the Old Testament stuff doesn’t really count or something of the sort. All of that changed with the New Testament and Jesus -right? Not so fast. The Apocalypse is in the New Testament and the enumerated horrors there that come with the return of Christ makes even the harshest punishments of the Old Testament pale in comparison. The point I am trying to get at is that God is so far above us that we cannot judge those sorts of things. I think of I Corinthians 6:12, “All things are lawful to me, but all things are not expedient. All things are lawful to me, but I will not be brought under the power of any”. Not a good context perhaps, but that is the phrase that leaps to mind. We are not to say that what God does or wills is good or bad, we define “good” as anything God does or wills. It comes from God, God is not subject to any judgment.

We are not to say that everything God does is good but that God is goodness, a goodness beyond our understanding. To quote Isaiah 55:8, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord”. When it comes down to the ultimate good versus the ultimate evil, I have no compunction about saying that the standard rules for dealing with puny little people and our puny little squabbles do not always apply. In the cases of most of those “unsavory” types mentioned above (not all, but most) we are absolutely dealing with good versus evil itself. When you are opposing something like the Bolshevik Revolutionaries, I have no qualms about saying they are not in the same league as fighting someone over simply a difference of political opinion, some tribal spat between nations or even something as limited as national interest. You are not even fighting about religious differences (at least according to them). In other words, you are not fighting someone whose god is not your own but a movement opposed to the very concept of God, people who are adamantly opposed to whatever it is you uphold as the fundamental core of all existence. They don’t care if your God is that of the Apostles, Mohammad, Buddha or if it is Jupiter and pals -they want to destroy that entire concept.

So, to my damaged mind, when you are openly and actively putting yourself on the side of absolute evil itself, the very definition of evil, of anti-religion in any form, anti-God, anti-goodness, anti-the ultimate reality I do not see how you could be entitled to any mercy or anything other than an Old Testament style smiting. After all, the Devil doesn’t use Marquess of Queensberry rules -trust me. It was not for no reason that I placed at the very bottom of this weblog a quote from Baron von Ungern-Sternberg in which he said, “The evil which has fallen upon the land, with the object of destroying the divine principle in the human soul, must be extirpated root and branch. Fury against the heads of the revolution, its devoted followers, must know no boundaries”. Such a struggle cannot be viewed in the same way as one a person or a nation might have over a mere political dispute. As the Baron also said, "They cannot understand as yet that we are not fighting a political party but a sect of murderers of all contemporary spiritual culture”. And of course you will see that quote at the top of every page here. I emphasize them because I heartily agree with them.

That may sound harsh, it may even sound incoherent and incomprehensible but that should be taken for granted with … The Mad Monarchist.


  1. Even hardline Protestants fall into this trap though, mostly the ones who believe in the Rapture. Fact is, Christians will suffer like the rest, when the time comes.

    I myself probably suffer from some form of low-grade neurosis, but of course I self-diagnose. I've always wanted to go to a psychiatrist though, not because I think I have problems, but because then I get to complain and vent as much as I want in an appropriate setting.

    Though you are quite right about the ultimate goal of Communists and friends. No matter how much they dress their actions and beliefs up in positive language, they are the enemy of men, nations, and God. They are the kind of people who think "if God existed, we should have to abolish him". Atheists who just don't believe because of an inability to do so are preferable to those who would disbelieve out of spite for the very idea of God.

    Furthermore, I am in despair that even the Church is sucking itself into the whole "love, tolerance, and internationalism" mentality. I hope it's just a phase, and it probably will be - in a few decades it (and the rest of Europe/the West) will have no option but to return to a type of "pre-modern" thinking. And we will all regret our lack of vigilance that led to the destruction of our comforts and our peace.

    Perhaps us reactionaries are just too grim, too cynical, and too negative. But it is hard not to be.

  2. A psychiatrist? Don't waste your time. They're a bunch of smug over-paid jerks who provide nothing you couldn't get for free from a friend or a good confessor and they prescribe medicine that is the biggest scam in the world. Inform them that you cannot tell any difference at all since you started taking it and they will actually say, 'well, if it's working you won't notice it, so that's good'. It's like giving someone a pain pill and then saying that it's working because you're still hurting.

    The atheist mindset (and I tried to say this, it didn't come out terribly well) is basically this. Call it "God" or "Providence" or whatever you like but their mindset is to think of whatever you consider the source of all life, all goodness, all morality, virtue and the basis of all existence, give it any name you like --and THAT'S what we're against.

    (shudder) Yeah, "that's not very nice, but gosh, just know that I love you anyway". (gag)

    Grim? Cynical? Negative? And here I was thinking I'm just a ray of golden sunshine with sprinkles... (he said glancing over to the crown of skulls that links to his collection of pictures of dead people...)

    Okay, maybe the professionals were right. Maybe.

  3. Interesting how our minds are aligned right here in that matter...

    The thing about atheists is... I'm sure they know there is a God. It shows because they are so militant about it and they do everything they can to say "oh that's a picture of Jesus! It promotes Christianity so it offends me!" It is stupid but they are like ostriches; they hide their head in the dirt and think that the lion won't see them. God is there, but they do not want to feel accountable for their own sins.

    This political correctness plaguing the west bothers me a lot. For the most part, what is right is always shunned by the mainstream. I'm not a westerner, but I can clearly see that liberal influence creeping into the East as well and it's disturbing. Globalisation is to come! People just don't realise that they cannot create heaven on earth by man's efforts alone; that's the lie of Satan. "Do as thou wilt" is his philosophy, and people are buying into it. It vehemently opposes the dependency that man should have with God, for without God, man is nothing. And it is easily shown by how different society is today compared to what it was in the past. The past century was MUCH too different... we have social norms breaking, families torn apart in favour of individualism, feminism running amok (women abandoned their traditional skirts which made them feminine for masculine breeches... sigh), legalisation of sodomy (eat da poo poo!), science being the end-all solution to everything, secular compulsory education all over the world, etc... things like this have never happened before. :/

    Oh and that ridiculous unsaid philosophy of "be tolerant of all religion as long as it isn't Christianity" certainly plagues this world. Truth is, you know who is behind it. The first republican himself, Satan, the prince of lies, is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), and that's quite obvious from how things are run. I just think the world is nearing its end, but we must stay strong and do our part in spreading the truth, right?

  4. I'm typing from a broken comp., therefore just a short answer, I'm honestly impressed. This is nothing someone can say I agree or disagree, it's simply too much, so I say it again, I'm impressed & maybe we're fighting on the same side.

  5. LPP: In a way, the situation of the Far East breaks my heart even more than in the west. The west at least has no one to blame but itself. We cooked the broth and now we have to drink it. In East Asia, on the other hand, it is a foreign mindset, foreign ideologies and foreign problems that have been imposed on them. Asians are not blameless of course, plenty have helped in imposing it and embrace all these negative things but still, it seems like an even greater shame.

  6. I agree. Mind you, I love the Western tradition, in fact, I'm a big francophile and have a lot of respect for Britain and Germany, and even East Europe like Greece, but I'm certainly not enamoured with neo-Westernism (for a lack of better word... if you know what I mean). I will also acknowledge that there are many good things the West gave to the East, such as Western technology, railroads, and of course, Christianity. While it is true the Westerners did impose their democracy or whatever they call it, sometimes I can't help but think that because the Easterners depended too much on the Westerners to "reform their nation", this mess happened. South Korea is trying too hard to be like America, and look where it ended up. We caught up on economy and developing technologies rapidly, but in the process we lost our soul. Everyone in Korea is like a robot; there is little strand of uniqueness because if you show a bit of that you will be publicly ostracised. America certainly isn't a role model to look after for everything! :(

    I only wish to experience a time where every nations are unique and had a distinct culture to enjoy... you know, like the 19th century, which I call the Empire times. Yeah the resulting mess of modern times was slowly creeping out during these times I understand (and were at its pinnacle during the 20th century), but even so... these were the times where one can take a boat from England to India to see marvelous architecture one would not find in London... or to see Cochinchina and send photographs back to your family in Paris showing the funny hats these people in this crazy country in the Far East wear! Even Europe itself would have been a sight to look at: those colosseums, the arches, the magnificent Cathedrals, the gallant soldiers' uniforms and the ballroom dresses in the lavish courts of Louis XIV. The west took so much interest in the east, I'm sure, which is why those world fairs were hosted in Victorian Britain and the Paris of Napoleon III. Why don't we see all this anymore? :( I am sure nobody sane at that time would recognise the Far East right now. No longer would they see the Chinese wear their traditional clothing but see them all donning neo-Western republican corporatist business suits. What exotic architecture? Let's just build rectangular apartment complexes because clearly the Westerners know what they are doing! It's so easy to stack; why not just keep everybody in the same tenement? Heck, they won't even recognise their own nation I'm sure. Oh "nation"? What does that mean again? We rid of that term ages ago!

    Maybe I am romanticising everything, but what can one do when he lives in such uneventful times where leadership is based on what the sea of mediocrity votes for uninteresting men who make blank promises only to gain power whose true interests lie in their private lobbyists and their political party?

    That's probably why I think monarchy is truly the correct form of government; all that is right is always shunned by the majority. The majority is "almost" always wrong. It's that same majority that made fun of Noah, that same majority who voted for Hitler, and it's that same fickle mob who calls out for democracy and tolerance and globalisation... "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. " (Matthew 24:38) How chillingly accurate. The reason Atlantis sunk was because God saw how wicked the men were, and these elitists are overthrowing monarchies in order to instate the very government that failed to strive in the past. God knows what will happen now... do you think all the damage that has been caused is too much to reverse?

  7. LPP: Are you from Korea? Love that place, visited it two years ago. Is it true that Catholics make up 30% of South Korean society? That'd be truly amazing!

    Btw MM I agree with everything you have written!

  8. PA: Yes I'm from Korea, and there are a lot of beautiful places there :P
    I'm actually Protestant though, not Catholic. There is a fair amount of both types in Korea, though Christianity altogether is starting to decline and even get a bad reputation :(
    Yep, Korea owes a lot to France for bringing in Christianity... and the U.S. as well :/

  9. I agree and have a lot to say on this topic bujt, my hand is hurt and I come latde due to a family crisis. Suffice to say, I concure with the sentiments here.

  10. The problem is we are living in a world of heathenism and atheism. We monotheists, Christina, Muslim, Jew, and Baha'i, must unite to bring down idols and irreligious. I believe all monotheistic worship is valid in the eyes of God, and so I pray both in Church and Mosque, and even a synagogue on occasion. The Christian, the Jew, and the Muslim are not that different. So we must unite, and preach the fundamental truth that is the core of our many faiths: there is only One God.
    Until that happens, pseudo-believers and heathens will run free.

    1. Many years later, but still you are right, I agree in everything, we still need to rise against the modern materialistic politics, to hell with liberalism and communism and everything in between.


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