Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today in History

The Mad Monarchist remembers the birth, today in 1919, of His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, last Shahanshah (King of Kings) and Aryamehr (Light of the Aryans) of Iran, the last legitimate ruler of that proud and ancient country. May we soon see the day when the rotten republic collapses and the legitimate monarchy is restored to the lands of ancient Persia.


  1. A great man who truly loved his country. The Islamofascist usurpers in Tehran are a total disgrace to their country's proud imperial legacy. God bless the Pahlavis.

  2. A great man, and one of the most unjustly slandered of his age. Every time I go back and watch some interview with him and listen to him I admire him even more.


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