Saturday, October 22, 2011

Royal News Roundup

Starting in the Arab world, HM King Abdullah II of Saudi Arabia, who is in his 80’s and been in fragile health for some time, has had back surgery in Riyadh to attend to the ligaments on his third vertebra. At the same time the King’s half-brother, also in his 80’s, Crown Prince Sultan, is currently in New York Presbyterian Hospital where he is believed to be in terminal condition. He has suffered from cancer in the past. Human rights groups are worried that the end may be nearing for the Saudi monarch who has presided over increased liberalization in Arabian society including allowing women to hold public office and the right to vote. The concern is due to the man expected to succeed to the throne, Prince Nayef, who is much closer to the more fundamentalist Wahhabi clerics and takes a much more hard-line on religious and social issues. On a much different note, in neighboring Dubai, the popular Princess Haya, one of the wives of Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, was invited to formally open the TongRenTang Clinic, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, in Dubai. TongRenTang has been in operation since 1699 and has served the Qing Imperial Dynasty as well as Chinese communities around the world through their clinics. Princess Haya is showing signs that the birth of her second child may not be very far off.

In the United States, Soap Operas have been somewhat on the decline lately but some are still going, one of which is The Bold and the Beautiful. Why bring this up? Well, the B&B will be having a royal co-star from now on. HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, youngest daughter of HM King Constantine II of the Hellenes, using the screen name “Theodora Greece” will be appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful as “Alison” the personal secretary to the primary villain of the show, “Bill Spencer”. I’ve never watched the show so I can’t comment any more on that, however, this will hopefully be a useful foothold for the Greek Princess who has been in Los Angeles trying to ’break out’ in the acting community for some time. So far, things seem to be going her way. She has also reportedly secured a part in the upcoming western film based on the old series The Big Valley. The film is currently in post-production in which the princess will play “Peggy”. Of course, we wish the Princess all the best in her acting career. If a Hollywood actress can become a princess, why can’t a princess become a Hollywood actress?

As for the Scandinavian royals, it has been a busy week. Here’s a run-down, try to keep up: Lovely Princess Madeleine of Sweden rubbed elbows with Ivana Trump, Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell at the 2011 Angel Ball, to benefit cancer research. HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met with the Vice President of South Africa in Sweden for a conference. Meanwhile, the King and Queen of Sweden met up with the King and Queen of Norway in New York to open a new art expedition at the Scandinavian House of New York (oh yeah, and the President of Finland was there too). Queen Sonja cut the ribbon. And, finally, on Thursday Crown Prince Haakon of Norway marked “Global Dignity Day” of which he was one of the founders. I am sure that is all very great and wonderful but, personally, I’m getting sick of hearing the word “dignity”. God bless the Crown Prince and I’m sure he’s doing a great job and has the best intentions, it’s just been my experience that whenever someone uses the word “dignity” these days, they are not talking about how one lives their life (which is what I was taught) but always seems to boil down to giving someone money, let someone get away with a crime or letting someone kill their grandparents. I’m just rather burned out on “dignity” drum-beating.

However, the big news, of course, has been the homecoming of HM the Queen of Australia. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived on Wednesday in Canberra, greeted by the Governor-General, Prime Minister and a 21-gun salute along with the crowds of flag-waving Aussies. It was a spectacular scene marred only by the presence of the trashy republican Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The traitor couldn’t even bring herself to curtsy to her sovereign, managing only a slight nod. Wow…what humility. However, aside from the PM reinforcing the stereotype that gingers are evil, things went pretty well. The Royal Couple went on a lake tour and later visited one of the most magnificent flower displays in the world at the Floriade flower show. Later, in Canberra the Queen gave one of her typically appropriate speeches at Parliament House, along with the Prime Traitor and the leader of the opposition who also disappointed me by voicing Australian support for succession “reform” (ugh -well it’s up to you Canada). The Queen will be going to Queensland (how appropriate is that) and will be meeting with those who responded to the recent devastating floods in that state. Many media outlets have been saying that this may be the Queen’s last visit to the land Down Under, but others (as I would) are saying, “never say never”. The Queen is in good shape and Windsor women have quite a tradition of longevity and remaining active practically right up to the minute God calls them. Never count out the Queen. It has also been pleasing, despite the usual cries from the republican dominated liberal media, to see all the crowds of cheering, loyal Australians greeting their sovereign. It warms the heart. God Save the Queen of Australia!

Update: Today the Royal Saudi Court announced the death of 85 year old Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s deputy Prime Minister and minister of defense and aviation. The official statement said, "With deep sorrow and grief, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud announced that his brother and faithful Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General, passed away at dawn, on Saturday, 24/11/1432A.H. corresponding to 22/10/2011A.D. after suffering from an illness abroad and that a funeral prayer will be performed for the deceased Crown Prince after Asr prayer at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh on Tuesday.”


  1. Breaking news, His Royal Highness Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud just died.

  2. Regarding Her Maj, I shall only repeat the immortal words of Mark Twain - Rumours of her demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    And I've just said a prayer for the Prince. Kyrie eleison.

  3. I just saw in the (Australian) news, some guy was arrested for mooning the Queen. He thinks it's a matter of 'having a sense of humour', but I think he deserves a punishment. I always looked at the Monarchy as a family - if you disrespect your parents, you deserve a big hard slap!

  4. I wouldn't worry about Australia becoming a republic just yet, a national news network has just had an online poll 'Do you want the Queen to remain head of state' their polls are usually a fairly accurate barometer on public opinion. So far the result is 2 to 1 in favour of keeping the Queen, however If Charles makes it to the throne things might change pretty quickly, he is not well liked here.

    All this republic talk is basically from a loud minority, after all empty vessels do make the most noise.


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