Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Mad Dog is Dead

There seems to be no doubt now that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been killed by Libyan rebels in his hometown of Sirte. This is good news. Gaddafi was a thug, a terrorits, a tyrant and a traitor to his king and country. Does that mean what replaces him will be better? By no means. So far, the conduct of the rebel government has only reinforced my skepticism about them and their movement. It seems likely that Gadaffi's tyranny, which was dominated by his own bizarre personality cult and served his own selfish interests and megalomania, will be replaced by a more religiously-based tyranny in line with the worst elements sweeping the Islamic world today. I hope that some sanity will prevail and the monarchy will be restored, but I fear that hope will be in vain (I would be happy to be proven wrong in that regard) as mob uprisings seldom result in actual improvement. Nonetheless, Gaddafi was a bad guy, an enemy of the world, a man who terrorized his own people and others, who threatened foreign nations, launched terrorist attacks against other nations and blackmailed his neighbors as well as betraying and overthrowing his lawful monarch. The world is better off without him. Good riddance.


  1. well.... what can I say... but I don't think the replacement will be any better.

  2. The return of monarchy to Libya is not a priority, but the United Nations – which endorsed the Libyan constitution upon independence – must interfere and restore the constitution, to hold free elections and let the people decide what system they prefer.-Mohammed El Senussi current claimant to the Libyan throne giving a speech in April.

    [End of quote]

    There are some areas in Libya which are strong monarchist holdouts, I imagine an election will be held by the NTC to determine the new form of government.

  3. Lorraine, I clearly said I don't think the new government will be better -it may well be worse. That doesn't change the fact that he was an evil scumbag who got what he deserved and cheers to the U.S. drones and the French air force for helping him along on his way to hell. If things in Libya do get worse, well, just rewards for the 40 years they supported the traitor Gaddafi in my book.

  4. I think this is one of those hope for the best (if you must), but expect the worst (if you're realistic) situations. The recent history of regime change in the Islamic world has not been great. Afghanistan,Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia also all had legitimate monarchies that they could have reinstated as part of a moderate new government, but all refused to do that. Iraq is now beset with institutionalized corruption and cronyism, while the other countries are now beginning an obvious slide in the direction of Iranian-style radicalism.

    In the case of Libya, there was early reason for hope, given the rebel's swift adoption of the old monarchist flag as their symbol, the strong support the Senussis traditionally had in the east, the public display of Idris' portrait, and the skillful courting of Western allies by Prince Mohammed. However, the NTC, now in power, seems to show no signs of acting on any of that early support, and instead looks to be dominated by radical Islamic republicans. Besides which, with countries like France and Italy playing key roles in the NATO coalition, its doubtful a restoration would ever be tolerated.

    SO, yes, there's no shedding of tears over Gaddaffi's death and the world is a better place without that monster, but there should be no misplaced expectations of what will come next.

  5. My whole issue with Libya is mixed, since I have a bit of imperialist nostalgia, but I also think we have far too many problems at home to have gotten involved in the first place. But since we did, good on us for helping take down the madman.

  6. My uncle (we're not Libyans) worked in Libya for many years until the Revolts started. I can say that Qaddafi isn't 100% evil as he did provide a yearly "payment" to all the people of Libya. I think it was 1000 dinar per year, which is enough for a jobless person to live for a year. Yes he is cruel, and a terrorist. (He funded rebels in my home country.)

    The only thing I like about him is that he wants Libyan oil for the Libyan people (and would restrict western exploitation of his oil), and this is probably why the western countries are so eager to get rid of him.

    I would probably like him better if declared himself as "royalty" (like a king like King Idris I).

    I'm still sad that Libyan ended up a republic. Democracy there will never work - I guess.

    1. I do not consider it a point in his favor that he dished out unearned profits to the public, it only ever makes people dependent on the state and the poor state of Libya after all his years in power illustrates this. As far as the western powers being "so eager to get rid of him" I hardly see how anyone could reach that conclusion. He was in power longer than any other world leader of his time and no serious effort was ever made to overthrow him from outside the country, despite numerous provocations. On the contrary, several years before his overthrow, most countries, even those with the most reason to despise Qaddafi (Italy, UK, USA) had opened up to him and I don't much care for self-proclaimed "royalty", especially on the part of an actual usurper when a legitimate royal heir is standing by.


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