Monday, September 13, 2010

Monarchist Music: The Maple Leaf Forever

This is the original version of this song (not the one most Canadians today are probably familiar with) which has a much more monarchist flavor than the current style.


  1. I always loved this song, especially the classical version. But as part of the Brainwashing the Modern Liberal Democratic Elites have worked on us, they ha to Change the Song so that its less Monarchist ( and British) in Character, so it’d fit into the new vision of an Independent and Democratic Canada. Canadians are fed a steady diet of Modern Liberalism, and naturally reflect This in their Culture.

    The Changes were made as part of this cultural reconditioning.

    I wonder if there can be a revival of the Traditional ways and Values though? While I am not averse to new things, I’d like to recover the old, then build from that, than build form Modern Liberalism.

    Maybe bring back the Red Ensign too!

    And ever shall stand the Maple Leaf for-ever!

  2. What I find noteworthy is that most of these changes, such as to the song or the change of the flag, was done to appease the French Canadians -none of which seems to have worked.

  3. That’s because the French Canadians have fallen victim of the disease of Republicanism. With Republicanism comes the idea of Nationalism, and as Quebec has a different Culture and basis of Law, they see themselves as a different people all together, and thus reject the rest of Canada no matter what. Had they retained a Monarchist mentality, none of that matters, as the Union is base don a shared Authority, one you don’t have to agree with fully and one who is your Sovereign. In today’s world, the leaders are picked by agendas, and if you don’t share them or worse, if you reject the agenda outright, you don’t feel particularly represented by the president or PM and complain.

    The only cure for this is a restoration of Christian culture in all of Canada, and a return to a cultural adherence to the Monarchy as their standard of unity.


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