Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monarchist Music: Kimigayo

This time, another national anthem and one of my favorites. "Kimigayo" is the oldest national anthem in the world. The name translates to "His Majesty's Reign" or "Imperial Reign" and is a typically Japanese song of tribute to their Emperor; simple and elegant. This rendition is sung by 15-year-old Matsuura Aya before a baseball game in Taiwan.

The song translates:

May your reign

Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,

Until the pebbles

Grow into boulders

Lush with moss


  1. What infuriates me the most is the fact that especially for Japanese liberals this great song is a sort of embarrassment. They believe that this song is the same as Nazi’s anthem. They want to see it being scraped away a long with the Hinomaru and ultimately the Imperial Family themselves.
    These liberal scums, in my opinion are the most prolific plague in the history of Japan, perhaps the world; and the faster they are eradicated … the better for all civilizations.

  2. short song.. thought it would last more than a couple of minutes like the philippine anthem

  3. I fully agree of course. They harp about the WW2 era but of course that is simply a ploy. A song or a flag can harm no one yet they want to use the trauma suffered by so many people to eradicate the whole history of Imperial Japan. Despite their "PC" words they are actually the most intolerant people on the planet.


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