Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monarchists and the Sacred Heart

The month of June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, as we have discussed before, this devotion has long been a very prominent one for Catholic monarchists. Here is a look at some of them:
 French counterrevolutionaries wore the Sacred Heart as a badge, an item which was the closest thing they had to a uniform. As such, the Sacred Heart became very associated with the French royalists as a whole.
The Sacred Heart, portrayed in simple form, was featured on many flags and banners of the royalist forces as well as the badges they wore over their breasts. Because the symbol became so associated with French monarchism it is still featured today on many royalist flags and insignia.
 In Spain, the devout Catholics of the Carlist faction made the Sacred Heart a prominent symbol in their own movement. Some wore the Sacred Heart as a badge on their uniforms (as seen above) while others scratched the symbol on to their weapons or in more modern times even painted the symbol on their vehicles. Carlist banners also often featured the Sacred Heart incorporated in the Spanish royal arms.
In Mexico the Catholic rebels known as the Cristeros often featured the Sacred Heart on their flags. They were what we might call "spiritual monarchists" (their battlecry was 'Long live Christ the King') and had they been more successful, who knows, they might have become more political monarchists. Their top general did see himself as another Miguel Miramon, one of the generals shot alongside Emperor Maximilian.


  1. I've always pointed out that over the last 200 years the worst persecutions of Catholics have been by atheistic, Jacobin or Marxist regimes rather than by other religions. Even during the Sonderbund War (Switzerland) and Kulturkampf (Germany), the main adversaries of Catholics were anticlerical liberals. May we remember that as we commemorate the Sacred Heart.

  2. That is very true and I've taken some flak for pointing out the same thing. I have more in common with those of very different religions than my own than I would with a secularist. Even the current problems with Islam, some people have accused me of taking the side of the Muslims, which is not true, I only point out that we should not blame them for being devout in their own religion when "we" are not being devout in our own. The Muslims did not invade Europe, secularist "multi-cultural" leftists invited them in.

  3. Yes- the leftist "diversity" agenda and the associated victim/guilt industry that is rampant in the West, particularly since the 1960s. The entire post-war "taboo politics" is wearing thin worldwide.

  4. In France, after the Revolution, the Sacred Heart has had a second youth during the late XIXth / early XXth centuries' Catholic renewal : first thanks to saint Catherine Labouré, and then during WWI were is was commonly featured over regimental flags (along with the phrase "Sacré Cœur de Jésus - Espoir et Salut de la France"). It's still popular among Catholics here.

    A WWI flag :


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