Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romanian King Insulted

I had other issues planned for today but this news threw me into a proper royalist fury (and a tug of the forelock to Royal World -the only place I have seen this reported). The President of Romania, that traitor, that swine, that pinko-commie-bastard of a turncoat Traian Basescu, in a televised interview on Wednesday launched into a slanderous tirade aimed at his own lawful and legitimate monarch, HM King Michael I, a man held dear by many Romanians even if they do not support his restoration to his rightful throne. This political pig and walking insult to the Romanian nation, blamed the King for everything done by the pro-Nazi dictator General Ion Antonescu, including the deaths of all of the Romanian Jews and Gypsies killed in the Holocaust. This in spite of the fact that the pro-Nazi government was only removed from power when the young King Michael of the Romanians planned and successfully executed a coup against them that removed them from power and took Romania out of the Axis and into the Allied camp.

Let the record show that it was the King who had been pushed aside and treated almost as a prisoner by Antonescu and it was the King who enjoyed widespread support amongst the Gypsy and Jewish communities. History also shows the efforts made by the Royal Family to save Jewish lives whenever possible and that the pro-Nazi faction would never have been removed from power without his leadership as King. But, the dishonest political cur did not stop there. He went on to call his anointed sovereign “a Russian lackey” and that his abdication to the pro-Soviet government was “an act of treason”. It should perhaps, come as no surprise that the cabrón would come up with something like that as it is a better description of himself! As everyone here probably knows, King Michael abdicated only after the communist government threatened to execute 1,000 Romanians if he did not. If the King had simply wanted to escape he could have, he had the perfect opportunity while attending the wedding of HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, but he did not, he returned to Bucharest knowing full well that the communists could decide to execute him at any time. He sacrificed his position and gave up his Crown to save the lives of his people. He had principles which is something this piece of political filth could never understand in a million lifetimes.

I wonder how many people outside of Romania, hearing about this story, will know just what sort of “man” this puffed-up pimp of President really is? Here are just a few facts about this pendejo who would insult his King. You know who actually WAS a communist, yeah, this guy. He was a card carrying member of the Romanian Communist Party when the “Iron Curtain” was still up and had many cozy deals with the secret police the whole time. When the “Iron Curtain” came down and the pinko commie rats went scurrying for cover, of course he claimed that he wasn’t a communist really but just joined the party for the help it would do to his career. As I said -no principles. He was the first Romanian President to ever be removed from office (he got back in of course) and his career has been one long litany of allegations of corruption and voter fraud. This scum, this trash, this utter disgrace of a human being represents the absolute worst of that rightly reviled class of bottom-feeders we call “politicians”. He is not worthy to even stand in the presence of a man like King Michael.

What would this pig have done had he been in the place of the King? Would he have resigned from office to save the lives of his people? Oh no, of course not, he wouldn’t have had to because he was on the same side as the communists! Now, in fairness, I should say that, especially recently, I have not always agreed with King Michael on everything. But, he is a good man, an honest man and a man with principles. He is a man who put his people before himself. One of the things I disagreed with was his endorsement of his son-in-law running for President and I am afraid that may be what is behind this. That endorsement may have caused the political class in Bucharest to consider the King “fair game” from now on. That, however, is no excuse for spewing such slanderous lies about a great man. This spineless politician, this giant, flaming sore on the dark end of humanity who calls himself the President is someone who has lied and cheated every step of the way to get where he is now, a man with no integrity, no principles, no loyalty and obviously no manners on top of that. I would say what I think should be done to him … but that might put me on a list at Janet Napolitano’s house. Instead, I will simply say that he should be run out of office on a rail and the whole sorry crowd of political slime with him. Let Romania restore her monarchy so that, at the very least, there can be counted on to be at least one good and honest man in government.

The worst possible political fate for this pinko, commie pig would still be too good for him -and that’s all I have to say about that.

Long live the King of the Romanians! Long live the Counterrevolution!


  1. This would pass for a mad rant. ;) King Michael, definitely not one of my favourites - he practically killed Hungary with what he did on 23 Augutst 1944 - but I agree with you on every word here. This was an outrageous betrayal. A clean description of Basescu btw. :-)

    (Also, I was writing as Petya, I changed my name because our Monarchist blog is returning in Hungary and I'm writing it and I needed a more serious name. Just so you know I'm not sneaking around here. :)

  2. I thought about making it a mad rant -but this was beyond that, this was rage. Of course, the bad blood between Hungary and Romania is very understandable, but this piece of trash is a Romanian who said not one word of truth yet spewed things utterly opposite of the facts of the matter. As for the new name, as a partisan of Eternal Rome I can hardly complain.

  3. The scumbag. Not much else to say, I'm afraid.

  4. This dammit so-called president of romania is just an traitor to all the romanians, the king and god, he is the worst kind of scum that i ever saw, in the good times he would be fired for hight treason, another proof of the shamefulls ways of the republicanism (at least the civilized politicians have some respect for the pretenders).

    Pd: Petrus Augustinus (former peyta), why you use the simbol of the spanish falange as yours?.

  5. I've picked up the story.

  6. It is clear this president cares only about his own power and career, not his country or the truth. The King should take him to court for libel.

  7. Because as a royalist counter-revolutionary I'm a huge fan of the Falange Española and General Franco; for obvious reasons. They saved a country from Communism, united different factions and gave the country back to the Bourbons. The Falange - as everything human - had its flaws.

  8. Monarchy has worked for thousands of years, kings would make history and make their kingdoms great, then along comes democracy and screws up everything.


  9. a Politician who was a Commie when convenient and an COunter-Commie when Conscripted.

    He is just tryign to rewrite Hisotry to use it as propaganda for hsi own Cmaptainmg, and Republicans hve doen this since 1776 with the Declaration of Independance.

  10. It seem that the presidents filthy words that came crawling out of his mouth has backfired on him, a lot Romanians seem to hate him for this and the Royal Family is getting a lot of attention. Hopefully they start thinking about a monarchy.



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