Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Happy Christmas to All

A Happy Christmas to all from The Mad Monarchist.
On this day special to all Christian monarchists, marking the birth of the King of kings, everyone should, of course, take a step back from all the commercialism and consumerist headaches and reflect on that. Around here we particularly note (if few other Christians do these days) that the birth of Christ was considered a matter of royal prophecy. It was foretold that a *King* would be born, of the royal house of David, in the city of that great King of Israel. We should also recall how the pagan powers were pivotal in making the prophecy come true as it was due to the order of the Emperor Augustus Caesar that the Holy Family came to be in the place foretold and that it was because of his royal bloodline and the royal prophecy surrounding the birth of Christ that the infant King was hunted and persecuted, forcing the flight to Egypt. As was written, "on this day, a King is born". A happy Christmas to all and my thanks to everyone for coming along.


  1. Merry Christmas to all, enjoy yourselves and don't get too drunk.

    I was thinking the other day about the matter of royal prophecy in the Nativity. Does this mean that Christ could also be considered the secular King of Israel, due to his descent from David?

    And from what kingdoms came the Three Kings anyway?

  2. Have not looked at this blog for the longest time yet again (I have a lot of catching up to do!) but Merry Christmas your madness!

    It is not even stated that there were even three kings (may have been more or less even, we don't know), but we do know there were three gifts mentioned (frankincense, gold, myrrh). It is generally regarded that they came from the east though.

    By Western tradition, they were Persian, Arab and Babylonian, but we don't know who they really were. Perhaps there may have well been one from China or something? That would be really cool, because after all, Jesus is the king of kings, though Herod thought otherwise.

  3. Christ is born! Glorify Him!

    May His Kingdom come!

  4. The Three Wise Men are usually referred to as scholars. One Arab, one Persian, and one Babylonian (though Babylon and Persia were part of the same empire at the time). The Arabian one could have been from any one of several clans or kingdoms.

    It makes sense, as scholars would be the ones most likely to be watching and studying the skies, and would be the ones able to recognize what they were seeing.


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