Thursday, June 19, 2014

Video: Su Majestad el Rey jura la Constitución y es proclamado Rey de España


  1. What a lovely ceremony. Such a contrast to the slick PR stunts of our presidential inaugurations. The royal family conducted themselves so much more elegantly than our first families do. I noticed the grave look on King Felipe's face which indicates to me that he understood the responsibility he was assuming. Yet another contrast to our president who often appears to me that he feels entitled to the presidency.

  2. King Philip VI ascended the Spanish throne the same day the Orthodox Christians celebrated at Vespers the Orthodox (and Catholic) St. Martyr Methodius, Bishop of Patara (Olympus). He is celebrated in the Orthodox calendar on June 20 and, as the Liturgical day starts at Vespers the evening before (and ends at Vespers), he was also celebrated the evening of June 19. He prophesized the military campaign of "Philip the Sixth" (or, depending on the version, "Philip the Great" -- either of which befits King Philip VI) at the head of a coalition of 18 European nations converging in Constantinople.


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