Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Canada Lost a Good One

This is somewhat old news, but there is quite a distance between the land of the Lone Star and the land of the Maple Leaf. I was quite distressed to see that Canadian journalist, author and all around super-cool babe Brigitte Pellerin decided in April to exit the public stage and avoid politics from now on. A tweet posted on April 15 said, “I give up. I will not comment on, or get interested in, public affairs anymore” and her personal website had basically the same message, commenting also on how she has “been disgusted by the state of Canadian politics for a very long time” and that she just doesn’t have the energy to go on arguing for smaller, more limited government anymore. This is a terrible loss for Canada in my opinion as I have been very impressed by this remarkable lady ever since she first came to my attention. On the political front, I should make clear, she is a solid conservative, not a raving reactionary lunatic like yours truly but if there were more people with her opinions Canada would be much the better for it.

She has long stood up for traditional values, has been a long-time pro-life advocate and first came across my radar for speaking up against the Quebec separatists removing the Canadian flag from the upper chamber of the legislature. In the course of that report she also mentioned how these politicians disrespect the Canadian monarchy by crossing their fingers or mumbling the words of the oath of loyalty to the Queen while of course having no problem taking salary from Her Majesty. She also mentioned, in that report, that if the Quebecois dislike the Maple Leaf, Canada should bring back the Red Ensign. That made me an instant Brigitte Pellerin fan and I am very disappointed that her voice will no longer be heard. It is Canada’s loss without question. However, her husband is still staying in the fight. He is columnist and commentator John Robson who Canadian readers will probably know and who can be seen on Sun Media (various outlets) and on his blog “I Want My Country Back”. Still, quite sad to see Brigitte Pellerin throw in the towel. It is perfectly understandable but that is one less voice of reason in the national discourse in Her Majesty’s Dominion of Canada.

Robson’s Blog 
Organization co-founded by Brigitte Pellerin

Personal Aside:
As unfortunate as I think it is that Brigitte Pellerin has removed herself from the public discourse in Canada, I can certainly understand where she is coming from. I have had the feeling myself that it is more frustration than it is worth, a feeling recently given considerable reinforcement. Republican attacks with their idiotic leftist arguments are easy to handle but what is discouraging is the feeling of having to fight both at the front and in the rear with so-called monarchists of the “holier than thou apostate”. Rather than working on taking back what has been lost, they are content to toss it all overboard and just wait for some savior to deliver them and force everyone else in society to submit to their ideal (and none have the same vision of what that ideal would be, making the impossible even less possible -if that’s possible). Republican outrage comes with the territory when one is a monarchist. That I can take, their worldview is fundamentally different from my own. What is harder to take is those who call themselves monarchists but do not actually support any monarchy that still exists today and then even tell me that I am not sufficiently monarchist *because* I support the few remaining monarchies in the world. If this makes sense to them, it certainly does not make sense to me. In a recent conversation with my friend and cohort the Alberta Royalist, he told me that if I had put as much time and energy into promoting communism as I have monarchism I probably would have been given the Order of Lenin by now (or some such thing) instead of the constant string of annoyances from people claiming to be monarchists while not actually supporting any existing monarchy.

I have been actively involved in defending and promoting monarchy for about fifteen years now and it can be very disheartening and some of the things I have been through would probably put anybody off (being reported to the FBI as a spy, being threatened with a lawsuit by someone claiming the Prince of Monaco was paying me to slander him, having several years worth of work stolen and claimed by others etc) and there are times when I have asked myself, “Why do I bother?” I don’t gain anything from any of this. I could be living the good life of a leisurely country gentlemen, buzzing around the ranch keeping an eye on the livestock and oil and gas wells, reading books, catching up on my favorite shows and shooting cute, little fury animals (just to be evil of course) instead of plugging away at a computer day after day, trying to defend monarchy when it seems many so-called monarchists do not see them as being worth defending while republicans still consider them to be worth attacking. That has always been a key point for me, which it seems many do not see the same way, that for all the whining about modern kingdoms being no different than republics, the republicans still think so and still want the monarchies to disappear entirely. “Monarchists” look at a modern monarch and see a ceremonial figurehead with no power who is not worth defending. Republicans see a living reminder of a history and heritage they hate and despise and which must be wiped from public view and recognition entirely. 

Sometimes I do ask, “why bother” and the idea of disengaging has become more and more tempting. So, I may say, “I give up” as well, though my convictions will certainly never change, but if and when I do, it will be because of people calling themselves monarchists, not because of people calling themselves republicans.


  1. MM, NO! You can't give up. There are those of us who agree with you and fight the same fight as you do. God willing, one day, the spark we keep striking will catch in the tinder and bring about a conflagration of monarchist feeling and restorations around the world!! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Dear God, man! Don't give up on us! You're probably one of the most authoritative voices speaking in favour for monarchy in the Web so far! If we lost you then I do not think it an exaggeration to say that monarchism would have suffered a tremendous loss.

    Keep up the good fight!

  3. In the past years I have witnessed the abdication of kings and even the resignation of a pope. I think I couldn't stomach you giving up... Your blog is one of the few spots of sanity in a world full of madness!

  4. Indeed it is quite depressing to be stabbed in the back so to speak, but the world would be very much the poorer if your voice was silenced. You have probably had a much greater influence than it seems. I was able to see much more clearly the value of monarchies that still exist than I did before I started reading your excellent blog, not to mention bringing me over to the cause itself. And I thought you had to be British or something because surely no monarchists are from Texas; but I was wrong.
    Carry on my friend.

  5. How monarchist can someone be if they want to abolish the few remaining monarchies that exist, especially in Europe? As long as those monarchies exist, even if they are purely ceremonial figureheads (some of them have more power behind the scenes than the republicans are comfortable with), they represent the small possibility of a real Reaction rallying around the Crown in a time of crisis. Losing the Crown would mean that we would have to start from square one. This isn't the 19th Century when monarchies were more popular and generally accepted. This is the 21st where even ancient monarchies with long and storied pasts are accused of being anachronistic. Heck, anything of any real human worth is accused of being anachronistic these days: Family, Religion, the Monarchy, tradition, etc. Without a Crown where will all the ordinary reactionaries rally?

    Anyway, ignore these fringe malcontents who are just broke and dejected. It is easy to become broke and dejected if you are right-of-center these days, let alone if you are like us and are full-blown reactionaries. However, we must fight against that tendency within ourselves and be ever bolder attempting to defend what's left of Christendom.

  6. Dear MadMonarchist,

    Please keep up all your good work. I disagree with you on many issues and have never commented on your blog before, but I feel the need to do so now. Keep doing what you are doing! Also please note that most of these theoretical monarchists exist on the internet and in the real world most monarchists support their monarchs!

  7. Don't give up! I'm sorry you've had to deal with what you have, but you're all the stronger a person because of it! You have the courage of your convictions, and I admire that, and want to be the same way!

    With regard to MINOs (Monarchists In Name Only), I see it similarly to Catholics In Name Only. One thing I've come to learn is that persons come before ideology, even true ideology. Certainly that's what the Church teaches, and I find that applies with monarchism as well--true monarchism means you owe loyalty to your monarch (if you have one), not to "the cause" which the monarch might fail to live up to. If a tyrant can be the rightful monarch and shouldn't be revolted against, the same goes for a liberal figurehead who doesn't control the bureaucracy. Modern monarchies may not be the ideal, but you don't make the perfect the enemy of the good. God doesn't--if He did, He need not have made us at all.

    In short, I think these monarchists in name only may have made the mistake of putting ideology before persons and condemning the persons (even monarchs and those who support them) when they fail to live up to the ideological ideal--which ironically means they're acting less monarchical and more republican than they realize.

    But if you give up, these people win. And those who looked up to you might be similarly inspired to give up in despair.

    God be with you in whatever you decide.

  8. I can understand your frustration at the renegade ultra-monarchists who despise all current royals. Nevertheless, I would strongly encourage you to continue your excellent work. Your blog was one of the main factors in my conversion to reactionary monarchism and I have greatly appreciated your writing ever since discovering it. I am sure that the vast majority of monarchists are truly supportive of their monarchs.

  9. god be with you. You influenced me in becoming christian...and to absolute love monarchies. This love is spreading very slowly to others around me and all thanks to you. I'm Helio, monarchist from Brazil

  10. I feel a pang of guilt as I read this. I will admit, in the past you have given me pause and caused me to rethink my beliefs about the present monarchies. You've made me question whether or not I am truly loyal to those remaining monarchies which represent Catholic states and cultures, or have bloodlines which go back to those who are defenders of that legacy. Because of that, I do to things: I apologize for being a part of the problem many monarchists face today, and I apologize for causing you personal grief here on your wonderful blog. I would not wish to see you give it up; perish the thought!

    I must say: do forgive me if the state of Spain upsets me so much. My own family has blood in the country which they spilled in service to and in consort with Philip II of Spain and his war against England, and even later under subsequent Hapsburg monarchs of Spain. Before that (and during) they were Irish royalty. I'm very proud of my family's heritage, and I'm one of the few who takes an interest in it (being the only Catholic since before we came to America, it seems) and the only one trying to research and prove it. Being my family history as it is, my blood runs a little faster when I consider the history of modern Spain.

    I share your sense of despair. A monarch is meant to lead his people and safeguard and promote what is best in it; to preserve a country's heritage! To think Spain, of all places, no longer does that? I simply do not know what to say or how to feel. I'd like to affirm I believe in the legitimacy of the monarchs reigning over Catholic countries today. It just seems to me that they have a heritage to live up to, and they don't. I can't see how it's treason to loyally and respectfully ask they remember what their ancestors sacrificed and lived for, and do something about what we see around us today.

    But maybe I am wrong. After all, you've been a monarchist much longer than me, so I am probably wrong in my assumptions.

    I must beseech you, sir; do forgive me. For my part I only wish the monarchs of today would live up to their predecessors. Perhaps it is arrogant for someone like me to tell them so. I have nothing but loyalty to them, but I can't imagine I'm the only person even among their own circles to feel this way while not having an ounce of treason in me.

    I must also ask that you please keep the blog open. Your writings were very important to my decision to embrace monarchism and monarchy as the best of all governments. You gave me answers at a time I needed them on a question which was pivotal to my life, and I cannot adequately express how much the answer you supply ultimately changed my life for the better.

    Thank you, sir. For my sake - for the sake of monarchy - and the sake of others like me, please never stop.

    1. Nothing to forgive, the most upsetting comments never got posted and none of yours ever went so far as to be in outright treasonous territory. Modern constitutional monarchs are shackled by public opinion and so it is public opinion that must be changed before they will even have the option of acting as you would probably like. Consider Spain's Queen Sofia and the uproar that was raised when she said (not in public) that she opposed abortion and "gay marriage". When Spanish monarchs were Catholic champions in the past, they had a public that was solidly Catholic as well but such is no longer the case (and the Church itself must accept some blame for that). Blaming a monarch for not forcing people to do the right thing today would be rather like blaming God for all the wickedness in the world because of giving man the free will to do good or evil. I do not like the change, but the fact is that "the people" have taken charge and so it is "the people" that must be put in order if things are to get better.

    2. What do you think is the best starting point for changing "the people?"

    3. I can't hold everyone's hand and go step by step, it all depends on the situation. You start with the people around you, start by slowing making points to get them thinking that at least monarchy isn't bad and then build on that. It depends on who you are dealing with. If they are Christians, hit them with all the pro-monarchy verses in the Bible (you can find many of them here). There is enough diversity in the world of monarchy that whatever position they are coming from there is probably a monarchy that could be used as an example to soften their opposition and then, again, just build on that.

  11. Ending your battle here would really make you a madman! If it wasn't for you, never in my life would I have thought of being a monarchist. When I was in high school, my political views were staunchly republican. I would go out and defend the principles of democracy to an outrageous extent, once buying a history textbook on american history out of desire to annex Puerto Rico to the United States. It wasn't until I started reading your blog that I changed my mind and my way of seeing things, and it wasn't hard since it happened at the same time as I was fully embracing my catholic faith. Right now I'm still fighting for the annexation of Puerto Rico, but to a whole different country, to Spain the Motherland. I can kind of understand your situation, since it has also happened to me, though to a lesser degree, seeing as you have been fighting for a longer time than I have and you face greater number of enemies. Still, don't focus only on the negative side of it, remember the victories you have reached, such as me and those who have posted their comments before me. It was your words that have changed the lives of many and I believe that they will continue to do so, and through that the monarchies of our world will be saved. I don't believe that you're a man to follow the masses, so I expect of you not to abdicate on your vocation of speaking for the monarchies, of defending the legitimate rulers, of burning the traitors, of destroying the enemies of our kings, of forming monarchists soldiers, in short, of being... The Mad Monarchist.


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