Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favorite Royal Images: Classic Egyptian Royalty

I know it would never be tolerated there today, but I do love the classical Egyptian style. Who is this royal? That I cannot say for certain, it looks to me to be Princess Iffet Hassan but I could be wrong. If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment below but that picture was too good to pass up.


  1. I believe that is not a Monarch, but a costume photograph from the lost silent film "Cleopatra" from 1917, though I could be wrong.


    1. Perhaps so. I haven't seen this photo amongst any of the stills from that movie but it doesn't look like it would be out of place among them. What would be really interesting would be if it were an actual Egyptian royal in the movie. It has happened before, such as Archduke Leopold of Austria appearing in the 1928 film "Four Sons".


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