Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beware Democracy

Recently, the British Parliament formally legalized gay “marriage” in the United Kingdom. The change was met with fairly widespread support, however, there was a very, very limited number of people who were outraged by it. Not enough to be noteworthy here were it not for the fact that this particular group claimed to be monarchists and directed their anger not at the politicians who drew up the bill, the people who voted for them or the public that supported it but rather toward HM the Queen who signed the bill into law. Even that is a debatable point as the monarch does not actually do that anymore in a literal sense as Royal Assent is so taken for granted these days as a mere formality. Royal Assent is simply assumed given that it has been hundreds of years since it was last withheld. Yours truly finds this rather baffling, especially after seeing one or two people saying this has changed their entire attitude, causing them to withdraw their support for the Queen and even monarchy in general. I do not doubt some people can be that hysterical, I am simply amazed that nothing prompted it before given how fragile the loyalty of these people obviously is. The Queen nominally assenting to things like abortion or membership in the European Union was acceptable but gay “marriage” is the intolerable thing? Makes no sense to this observer. It should be obvious to anyone that the real culprit in this case is not the Queen but “democracy”.

It can seem more than a bit odd that democracy is still given so much lip-service and treated with such reverence while so many seem to be very familiar with the shortcomings and failures of the system. After all, democracy is not so widespread as people think. Many traitors in Britain who favor the U.K. becoming a republic because the monarchy is un-democratic also support the European Union in which absolutely no one with any real power at all is elected by the public. Many people in the United States scoffed at the recent attention paid to the British Royal Family, bemoaning how un-democratic it is to have a monarchy. They seem to forget that, while it usually comes to the same thing, the President of the United States is not chosen by popular vote but by the Electoral College. If the popular vote was the decisive factor the events of September 11, 2001 would have occurred on the watch of “President Al Gore” and they would probably be referred to today as the greatest act of eco-terrorism in American history. Today, the People’s Republic of China seems to have no shortage of admirers in the western world, despite the fact that in that country “democracy” means voting for the Communist Party candidate of your choice. Which is obviously completely different from free countries where you have two or sometimes even three people to choose from.

I would wager that everyone reading this, at some point, have heard someone complain about politicians who have no principles, who are totally self-serving and who engage in pandering. They mean, of course, that politicians want to get reelected and will do whatever is popular at the moment rather than doing what is best. Whether they realize it or not, these people are actually criticizing, not the politician, but the democratic process itself. After all, what is a “pandering politician” doing but exactly what he or she is expected to do; following the will of the people, doing what the public wants them to do so that a satisfied electorate will allow them to keep their job. When someone agrees with a politician doing this, he is being receptive to his constituents, listening to the people and upholding the principles of democracy. However, to someone who disagrees, that same politician is engaged in political pandering, putting his own political interests before the common good and generally being a self-serving jerk. Well, which is it democrats? The answer is, of course, that the problem is the voting public rather than the politician (though the vast majority of politicians are plenty bad, don’t get me wrong). And, as stated previously, everyone seems to realize that but only at certain times. When the majority agrees with you, democracy is great. When it does not, well, then it is time to remind everyone that the majority gets it wrong sometimes (meaning, when they disagree with you).

Believe it or not, some people have tried to place yours truly in that category because I have, at times, cited poll numbers for monarchs and monarchies that are greatly beloved by their people. However, I plead “not guilty” to such a charge because I am not a democrat and while I am perfectly pleased to have a majority do what I think is right, I am not a believer in democracy who holds that the majority can do no wrong because what is “right” is defined as whatever the majority wants. This is usually rank hypocrisy as well because, as stated, virtually no major political system in the world today is truly democratic anyway. It is a highly orchestrated act of political theatre with just enough democratic participation to obtain the pacification of the public and keep them safely in the hands of the political elite who hold real power. As Goethe accurately said, “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”. It is, at this point, a spiritual affliction so acute that most do not even realize it, let alone question it. Democracy would be wrong even if it were being adhered to honestly (which it is not) because it is spiritually wrong. Right and wrong exist independently of the ever shifting view of 51% of the adult public. Loyalty, real loyalty and allegiance of every people to their ancient line of chieftains is a sacred thing and today hardly anyone even understands it anymore. Today, everything is conditional and this system has made people more selfish and self-serving than ever while, ironically, at the same time making them less independent and less truly free than at any other time in history.

Democracy takes hold because it works really well in the promotion of apathy for a public that is driven by fashionable trends that come and go, feigned outrage that jumps from subject to subject, sound-bites and easy to remember slogans that mean nothing but sound really ‘cool’. It gives people the illusion of power, feeds their arrogant pride but is actually nothing less than a satanic delusion. The delusion of the person who thinks they have freedom when they do whatever their bestial desires dictate while they are actually shackled spiritually to damnation. It also causes relativism which causes division and confusion and everyone should know who the “author of confusion” is. God never endorsed democracy. On the contrary, God revealed that the majority will usually do what is easy and wrong while only a few will do what is righteous. Does anyone remember the Biblical passage about when everyone did “what was right in their own eyes”? Suffice it to say, that was not something positive. This should not be taken as God being oppressive because every command God ever gave was for the ultimate good of his people. This should be obvious if anyone would open their eyes to see it. We have seen societies embrace things like abortion, contraception and unnatural sexual “lifestyles” and we have seen the same societies depopulate themselves. Soon they will have died out completely but they continue to march down the road to self-destruction, patting themselves on the back for being so “selfless” and broadminded when they are actually being so selfish that they cannot even be bothered to take the effort to survive. But, they think they’re happy, they think they’re doing the right thing because it is what most people want, what most people approve of and, of course, if it is the will of the majority (and we are told it is), then it cannot be wrong.

We should be different. We should be living examples that the bonds of personal loyalty have not been surrendered and will not be broken. If mistakes have been made, and certainly they have been, these should not be compounded with the errors of disloyalty and treason. Blaming a monarch for the unnatural desires of the majority of the unthinking public is not only ignorant, it is harmful as it ignores the real root of the problem. And people should ask themselves; if the monarchs of the world are part of the problem, why is there still a movement to remove them? In virtually every remaining monarchy in the world there is an effort, large or small, to remove them from their legitimate place. Ask yourself why the political elites, the liars on television and all the rest, still sneer at the very idea of monarchy. The answer is, because no matter what they do, no matter how little influence they have, even if they seem to be agreeable, they stand for something that is completely opposed to their real world view and they know that so long as a monarchy remains, there is always the chance that what they have taken centuries to destroy could someday be built back up -and that is a chance they are not prepared to take.

There are enemies of tradition, of right, of justice, of life and the very existence of the divine and there are a lot of them. The system that exists today is corrupting people, the lies are being spread all over the world day and night, that every “last” monarch in history was a traitor, not the disloyal mobs that turned against them and criticizing the monarchs of the world today for not working miracles it is no different than joining the treasonous mobs just for a different reason than most people. That’s like turning against King Louis XVI of France because he was forced to sign the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. It doesn’t solve anything, it doesn’t put the world back where it needs to be, it just puts you in the same camp as the enemy. You might have taken a different road to get there, but you ended up in the exact same place as the enemies of all that is righteous and sacred in the world.


  1. Excellent! Excellent! This is one of the best current events essays you have written, if I may say so. May your voice be heard far and wide.

  2. Why do you put marriage in quotes?

    First off, unless one is quoting a cited passage, nothing should be in quotes.

    Secondly, it loojs to me like you're saying marriage isn't real.

    And thirdly, that gay marriage isn't valid.

    As a Huge supporter (and I'm a middle aged White, Republican female) of gay rights; I have seen more abuse in straight narriages - adults & children, than in gay.

    I know the gist of the article wasn't abt that, it caught my eye being right at the beginning.

    1. You've seen more abuse in straight marriage because (shocking) that has been the only kind of marriage until now. Anyway, yes, absolutely conservative female who has no idea where I stand on this, I don't think gay "marriage" is or even can be valid no matter what any government says and also, yes, I don't think there has been much legitimate marriage at all ever since no fault divorce was legalized. It sort of makes " till death do we part" rather meaningless.

  3. A question in good faith - if the royal assent is just a fiction, what is the point in keeping a monarchy at all?

    1. Re-read the article. My answer is right there in plain English.

  4. Huzzah!

    Good points all around. I think the age of the common man will be over soon enough.

  5. It's sad that people can rant about irresponsible politicians and bring up several criticisms that should be enough to convince the average person that democracy is no good, yet somehow support the system that places these people in government and ignore the fact that they elected these scoundrels. Responsibility seems to be in short supply in the modern world, and not just when it comes to politics.

    Great Article.

    1. Thereason is Religion. We've basically made a Religion out of Democracy, and as such we have a sacred beleif that if we do not have Democracy we dont have Freedom. Monarchy is Tyranny, you see.

      In fact, your Right, the system doesnt work nd is insane, but peopel refuse to see it.


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