Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mad Rant: Republican Uniformity

I may have mentioned this before but, if so, I’m going to mention it again because it really, really aggravates me; I hate uniformity. Small-scale uniformity can be good, it can even be great and sometimes necessary but large-scale uniformity (such as involving entire countries) really, really depresses me. I love the diversity of the different cultures and traditions of the nations of the world. Yet, I find myself often being criticized, for my support of monarchism, by people with left-wing political views who drive cars with “I Heart Diversity” bumper-stickers. These people, frankly, are blind. Okay, blind and partly just plain, old fashioned stupid. Uniformity is at the core of everything the revolutionary, republican crowd pushes for. The only ones who are at least somewhat honest about it are the socialists and communists who admit that their goal is a world where everyone is the same with no inequalities or differences to create jealousy. However, they all do it to one degree or another though most would never admit it and, indeed, may not even realize it because, as I said, they’re stupid. Forgive me if that sounds harsh but any other explanation eludes me. If you think I’m exaggerating, simply look at the world today, a world dominated by republicanism. Never have so many countries all around the world been so boringly the same.

Now, I know what the republicans would say to that. They would say, “But you want every country to be a monarchy, so you’re the one pushing uniformity, just a different kind of uniformity”. No, stupid, you’re wrong again and obviously so. Once upon a time, not all that long ago in fact, the vast majority of the countries of the world were monarchies yet it was a far more diverse world than we have today. To be sure, there were similarities amongst those nations with similar cultures. Even then they were not the same but there were certainly similarities amongst the royal courts of western Europe, eastern Europe, some of the Native American nations and so on. The monarchies of Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia were broadly similar, the court traditions of China and Vietnam or Tibet and Mongolia were similar at least during certain periods of their history. However, in each case, court traditions, court costume, music, symbolism and so on were very different from monarchy to monarchy. Even in the same parts of the world; the court of the Emperor of Japan was very different to that of the Emperor of China, the traditions of the King of Thailand was very different to those of the Sultans of Malaysia. The customs of the Islamic Mughal Emperors of India were totally dissimilar to the Hindu princely states. The Christian kings in Ethiopia were very different from the Zulu kings in southern Africa or even the local Sultans that surrounded them. The royal court in London was very different from Versailles which was very different from Vienna which was seemingly a world apart from Moscow (especially before Peter the Great).

Compare all of this diversity to the modern republican world. Just take titles for example. France had a King, Austria had a Kaiser and Russia had a Tsar. Turkey had a Sultan, Iran had a Shah, the Aztecs in Mexico had an “Elder Speaker”, China had the Lord of 10,000 Years and Mongolia had the Holy Khan. Today France has a President, Austria has a President, Russia has a President, Turkey has a President, Iran has a President (and a Supreme Leader), Mexico has a President, China has a President and Mongolia has a President. See what I mean? And, not only do they all have the same title, for crying out loud, they all even dress alike! Gone are the days when we would see the Emperor of China in his yellow silk brocaded robes receiving a British diplomat in elaborately braided uniform, today everyone has a president and everyone wears a business suit, white shirt and a necktie. I cannot express how this bores me to the level of deep depression. There are the odd exceptions of course but these are very rare. It makes me want to salute those remaining Arab sheiks who will at least combine the quality of gold Swiss timepieces and fine Italian footwear with traditional Bedouin robes and headgear.

This trickles down to the populations at large who, for the most part, wear the same fashions in Argentina, South Africa, China, New Zealand and the United States. In what bizzaro world is this considered diversity? Likewise gone are the days when changes in national leadership were unique and colorful. Here, many monarchies have fallen in line as well (tsk, tsk, tsk) but I still blame the dominance of republics and republican attitudes. All around the world you get a guy in a business suit standing up, usually holding up one hand, swearing an oath of office and that’s it. Gone are the days of the high coronation mass of the Holy Roman Emperors, the King of Hungary sitting on a horse and pointing his sword to the four corners of the compass or the rows of kowtowing mandarins before the enthroned “Son of Heaven” in Vietnam. Nope, we get a pinky-swear from some moron in a suit the world over. Add to that the fact that these world leaders, all with the same titles, have mostly the same organization around them as well with secretaries or ministers for defense, education, the interior and so on. All around the world it is all the same. The same, the same, the same -it’s maddening! They don’t even try to be different. At least the Emperor of Japan puts on a kimono for his enthronement ceremony. Every U.S. President since Kennedy has not even bothered to put on formal wear for his inauguration.

Part of this, it must be said, and it is a very, very big part, is the modern obsession (at least in the western world) with multiculturalism. I have talked about this before. Multiculturalism actually perpetuates uniformity and destroys diversity; the very thing they claim to cherish. Forcing various cultures together with the expectation that everyone be treated the same can only result in one of two outcomes: either the lowest cultural common denominator becomes uniform for all or everyone must forsake their own cultures in order to accept the cultures of others so that, in the end, the outcome is no different, we all end up the same. We can see this in society outside of the government realm as well. Everyone wears the same jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts and business suits, everyone watches the same mindless reality shows, listens to the same pop music and goes to the same remade sequel of the re-make action flick at the movies. Eventually we will probably all look alike too. Scientists have already calculated the years when there will be no more blondes (natural anyway), no more gingers, no more blue eyes or hazel eyes and so on. Gone will be the days of diverse shapes, features and colors, everyone will probably end up looking like…well…all I can think of is “aliens” with uniformly gray skin and big, black cat eyes. And it will all have been foisted on humanity by those claiming to love multicultural diversity.

The trouble is the pursuit of ever-elusive equality. Personally, as most long-time readers probably know, I put “equality” up there with Santa Claus, leprechauns and the tooth fairy. That does not mean we should just accept things like sexism and racism as inevitable, malicious impulses can and should be always struggled against. It means that no two people on this earth, not even two people of the same gender or the same race, can or ever will be equal. No two plants or animals are ever equal either. However, modern man, to varying degrees, has decided to pursue the revolutionary goal of liberty, equality and stupidity but they never can obtain it because (shock of shocks) people are different. And since as long as every individual is different from every other they are forced to make everyone the same. There is simply no way around it. The only way everyone will be seen the same, be treated the same and live the same is if everyone is forced to be the same. Everything must be uniform. So, we end up with people preaching multiculturalism and driving around with “I Heart Diversity” bumper-stickers while really knowing nothing about any other cultures (or even their own) and pushing for a world where everyone lives in a republic, everyone has a president, everyone has the same rights, has the same material possessions, the same income, the same “values” (or lack thereof), the same rights, wears the same clothes and enjoys the same entertainment. Call it what you will … I call it Hell.

Again, I know some might object to my frequent use of the word “stupid” in this rant but, believe it or not, I’m trying to be kind by doing that. I attribute much of these actions to stupidity out of the hope that the people involved were not being intentionally malicious. After all, what they claim to be for can often sound very nice. It just has a tendency to result in something totally different from what was being reached for. Likewise, there is always a question of degree. For example, no rational person would like to see the various peoples of the world killing each other over their religious differences. However, in the western world at least, the movement toward religious toleration has led to religious indifferentism. I doubt this was what the high-minded advocates of toleration were going for in the beginning. Instead of people of different beliefs living peacefully together we have societies with no beliefs at all. The unintentionally hypocritical results of various campaigns of “tolerance” has been noticed by many besides myself who have noticed the absurdity of a mindset that says, “intolerance will not be tolerated!” It is this sort of thinking that has given us a world where governments proudly assert that they will give people free, democratic republics -whether they like it or not! Where republics have constitutions that guarantee people the right to have the government of their choice but make it illegal to choose monarchy. Where royals are often denied the most basic rights and freedoms anyone else would have while doing away with bowing or curtsying in the name of equality. It is all hypocritical, it is all contradictory and it all makes me a very, very … Mad Monarchist.


  1. I apologize for posting something that does not relate to this article, but I think you'll forgive me just this once. Today at approximately 1.00 AM Central European Time HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden gave birth to a daughter.

  2. One your best Articles to date Mad Monarchist.

    The fact is that in Democracies, you the citizen, are nothing more than a Vote, to be pandered too, or stolen from.

    The Countries Military, Economy, Status in the world, even her own people and culture are merely resources to be exploited by politicians looking for votes.

    If running down or against your countries Dominate religion can secure the votes of a certain group, than the Politicians will go for it, regardless how Negative it may effect the country as a whole.

    The Standardization of Culture is a result of this, no one is difference or unique, just a Balkanized Group of Voters that are pandered too every few years.

    Democracy sucks the soul out of a Nation.

    Monarchy on the other had (like you have said) is unique to every Country and Culture, That is how the Modern Day Nation State was born, Monarchs doing what is best and right for their country, not selling it the highest bidder that would profit from its downfall.

    Long Live Monarchy!

    P.S. Long live the Future Swedish Queen!

  3. Fantastic post, MM! This really struck a chord with me and highlighted yet another problem I've encountered while dealing with left-wing thought.

    The fact is, I DO love diversity, and it's because I love diversity that I oppose globalisation.

  4. Truer words never written sir.

    I'm with you here, and I truly, truly despise uniformity. Korea is a perfect example of this, and I kid you not. Everybody dresses up the same (and it isn't Hanbok unless it is certain holiday festivals) and has the same exact type of hairstyles matching another mindless "hot pop star", and if you do not follow this seemingly bizzare protocol, you are ostracised and looked down upon. At least in the North most of the people seem to wear Joseonot (same thing as Hanbok) at many times, which makes me wonder if DPRK has more respect for ancient Korea than us in the ROK, despite their communism. They even refer to themselves as Joseon. I am not a 'mainstream' Korean who looks like the other, wears the same framed glasses, nor a studyholic, nor listen to meaningless K-POP. Therefore I don't feel like I fit at all. My generation willingly tosses away their unique culture for the sake of trying to be like heathen modern America and the West. How about Koreans living abroad? I'm sure they all look alike somehow, all gather together in one single group and trash talk about everybody else because nobody can understand them while group smoking cigarettes... though I'm not sure about the Westernised Koreans. Instead of elabourate Korean houses in the past, major cities are filled with dull square and rectangular buildings that plague the rest of this world. Although some of their architecture are beautiful (at least Koreans did not lose their creativity to some extent), the rest just scream "I wanna be standardised like the rest of this God forsaken world!" I have no problem if our culture was unique, but this uniformity is trying to get everyone in our young generation (notice how easily influenced the children are... they're targetting us to wage war against conservative grown ups!) to forget about what was and in with the new, which basically means try to be like the modern West. Even the west suffered from this, since during the times of monarchy, every culture distinctly had their own royal courts and traditional dresses, like you said.

    I really wish I was wrong here, but I have a feeling it is an elaborate plan to make it easier to control the masses by some elite group who worship Satan. I have a feeling they are trying to get rid of national boundaries to make their agenda advance even easier. Many of us are just stupid or been programmed to receive these changes as "great", but they are trying to turn us into mindless homosexual zombies with little regard to what's right or what's wrong because these people are the enemy of God. Everywhere you go, fundamental human basics are being discarded all in the name of "tolerance" and "equality". Bloody hell... why do we fall for this trick? Everywhere in this world everyone seems to be doing the same; unique cultures in the past are no longer as everyone throws it away because they're "antique" so they can standardise with what's "new and modern", because the latter is the best! We can throw away 6000 years of history because all those times we've all lived in ignorance where women had no rights, we were slaves under a monarch, people had no education whatsoever, but suddenly now we're so enlightened and have education in the past 50 years because the people from the past were so ignorant and blind, right? Look at how we "liberated women" causing gender roles to die out. It's all a communist plot in a different name. And "masculine women" means uniqueness? Pfft... 99% of the women in the world would prefer to wear masculine trousers over skirts it seems like. What uniqueness lies in there? And asides from that, women were at least women in the past, all feminism ever did was make women more like men and therefore less desirable for men to permanently bond with. All of them look the SAME, and it is sickening.

  5. 4096 char limit? Since when?

    Kings are scorned as tyrannical and despotic and even put under the same likes of dictators but why do people have no problem obeying their boss in the work force then? Why does he (or she these days) play God? Same for obeying husbands for women... they think it's oppressive but they have no problem doing that to their corporate boss. Seeing where all this is going, I truly believe this is all an organised plot of some kind. The Great War served to get rid of crowns in many places in Europe, which made way to dictatorships and republics in places that shouldn't be, such as Germany, which united a few decades before as an empire, and the long living Austrian Empire (with Hungary). Nowhere in history has things ever been so scarily dangerous, and this republican uniformity just makes it easier for the masses to accept the upcoming one world government, and they had to get rid of Christianity (or rather God in general), monarchy, unique culture, and traditional family values because they stood in total opposition to the Satanic plot these communist, fascist, Illumi-Nazi, Masonic, homosexual, Kabbalist Satanist people were attempting to do for many years. After all, Satan is the god of this world... where else were we headed to?

    I hope though that all of this can change someday, but seeing the present circumstances, it feels overwhelmingly difficult, but I for one stand in opposition to things that challenge tradition and all that every nation should stand for.

  6. Indeed a great article. Equality is but an illusion as you say, but I'd like to take it further and say that even a little sexism (and perhaps racism too), are healthy for a society. Not that we should start to segregate stuff, but I mean commenting on one's skin colour or sex in a humourous way is only making the relationship between two individuals stronger, as it creates a bond, in which two individuals can say more to each other without hurting the other person. I think both racism and sexism have been taken too far in their intent. Today, even if you make a suggestion towards someone's skin colour you're called a racist. I mean, one is black, one is caramel, one is white, whatever!? It's a fact, and we're not dying over it when we come to recognise that.

    1. There is nothing in this posting that i could possibly disagree with, republics will always be soulless institutions.

  7. Don't forget about the glorious facial hair of monarchs!
    Presidents always go for a shave or some other boring moustache.

  8. UNIFORMITY is Ironically built into the whole Reopublican ideal. In the past, it was even proudly admitted, and not just by the Communists. The french revolution was as much about changing the whoel of Civilisation into the magenary ideal of the Philisophes as it was to ger rid of the King, and they freely admited that only thoe who agreed with the Enlightened principles they espoused coudl lie in their new world. All of todays republicanism came out of the Enlightenment, and Uniformity was always preasent. The push for Diversity only began in the mid to late 20th Century and then only means that we allow peopel fo idifferign races, sexis, an now Sexual preferences to be seen as exaclty the same thing.

    It was never about actual diversity of opinion or belef or custom.

  9. How can a system of government which assumes official neutrality or indifference about the things people care about most be anything other than dull, lacking in expressive genius, and hollow? Today people called political "scientists" speak of "systems" of government which are themselves consciously intellectual constructs for the mediation of something called the popular will. There is a formlessness even about the US Constitution, which because of its amendment process does not preclude any possible state of affairs in politics.

    Constitutional monarchy is the very highest form of government.

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