Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Royal Images: A Future Queen

Like something out of a fairytale...


  1. She is so Regal, So Lovely, and people wonder why I am a Monarchist, who could on NOT support such a Beautiful, Intelligent, and Great Leader!

    Long Live the Queen!

    I pray one day us Loyalists here in America can be reunited with the crown, and throw off the chains of the Democracy that has robbed us blind!

    1. I did hear much the same from an Australian republican in referring to the new Duchess of Cambridge. He said he had pretty much given up on opposing the monarchy because, "who could say no to that?"

      Whatever the reason, I'll accept any support.

  2. That is why I think the Marriage of William and Kate was such a momentous event, it has helped to secure the Monarchy for the Next Generation, Prince William couldn't have made and Better Choice than the Duchess, she is just as Regal and Lovely as any other out there and under their leadership they will Help the United Kingdom weather the Storms ahead.

  3. Sorry I haven't really read your blog in a while due to circumstances in my actual life, but I'll start catching up today ^^

    Elizabeth II definitely makes any British proud to be British, and even if one isn't, she is a paragon of virtue and all that is great about a monarch. And here I give my salute for her Diamond Jubilee. God save the queen!

  4. A True virtue of the Crown is that she is Queen. I can't imagine her ever running for President, and those who do run...well lets just say I am unimpressed with thir virues.

  5. Hey, Mad Monarchist, you might like these pictures, maybe add them to your favorite collection, haha:



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