Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Economic Crisis and the Failure of Democratic Absolutism

The supposedly healthy, wealthy and wise modern world is in a state of near apoplexy over the current economic crisis. If a downturn like this is enough to make people call for government takeover of banks and insurance companies and make the former President of Brazil point fingers at a conspiracy of White people with blue eyes one wonders how the people of today would have dealt with something as bad as the actual Great Depression. So far, despite all the complaining, things are not nearly that bad. Today we stand in line to buy the latest ipod whereas in the Great Depression people were standing in soup lines. However, gloomy Gus types need not fear for the Obama administration is trying to get us to the Great Depression as quickly as they can. His many broken promises, blatant lies and utter incompetence is too tiresome to go into in detail at this point but in many ways he is simply proving himself to be the best example of the worst stereotype of the politician.

What we are seeing around the world today is really the result of a failure in the system of absolute democracy so many have put their faith in. In the United States, and things are even worse in some other places, the vast majority of taxes are paid by a tiny minority of the population. The least noble amongst us who have no stake in the success or failure of the economy have consistently voted for whatever politician will promise them the most with no cost to themselves. Government gets bigger, social welfare becomes more prevalent and the rich and middle class (but especially the rich) are taxed more and more to pay for it all. Socialism is now creeping in and even becoming somewhat acceptable or at least thinkable here in the United States as it has been for some time in Europe. Looking at the big picture this can only spell doom for our civilization and all of our most ancient traditions. We are seeing the rise of mob rule, a sort of neo-version of the French Revolution except that most people today are too apathetic to take in hand operating the guillotine themselves.

Western civilization is approaching death and it will be, I have come to believe, death by democracy. I am reminded of the 1939 movie “Juarez” in which a fictional conservation takes place between General Porfirio Diaz and Emperor Maximilian of Mexico on the subject of government. Maximilian agrees that, in theory, democracy is the ideal system but states that, in practice, the rule of the majority frequently becomes the rule of a mob that will follow whatever demagogue promises them the most. That is why, he states, that a monarch is necessary to stand above factions and parties and rule impartially in the best interests of his people because a monarch has a sacred duty to his ancestors and to posterity. In a subsequent scene President Benito Juarez has to re-educate Diaz about how wrong Maximilian is. Juarez states that democracy is not about freedom because Maximilian offers them freedom but is about self-rule because that is what a monarch would withhold from them. He states, quite absurdly, that since no man rules himself into oppression freedom flows from democracy as naturally as a stream. What is really almost hypocritical about this exchange is that Mexico is an ideal example of how the people will, and frequently do, rule themselves into oppression and Diaz himself later became one of the more infamous Mexican dictators.

People will rule themselves into oppression because they frequently turn to insidious politicians to help them get something for nothing. They want more benefits but no new taxes. This means that a politician must deliver the benefits but always tax someone else, the wealthy minority being an easy target. Consider how the government went after the AIG executives who were given the bonuses they were contractually entitled to. The very same party which demanded that AIG be given government money and which wrote the bill that allowed these bonuses to be paid put on a great show of mock indignation at these evil, greedy, rich people on behalf of their struggling, working class constituents (pay no attention to the fact that many of these same guys got hefty donations from AIG and others like them). The fanatical leftist activist group ACORN (for which Obama formerly worked) even drove protestors to the homes of these evil rich people to shout abuse at them. Keep in mind that none of these greedy AIG executives broke any law and most have more or less been browbeaten into giving back money that they had been promised in their contract when they first went to work for the company. This is class warfare at its lowest. This is Marie Antoinette and the whole cake fabrication all over again.

Democracy has gotten the western world into this mess and the politicians, mostly liberal but who can tell the difference any more, are forced to resort to class warfare in order to shield their failed god of popular democracy. They cannot actually go on national TV and tell the voting public that this mess is to a great extent their own fault. Who would have the courage to say that this is exactly what happens when people spend money they do not have and elect representatives to government to spend tax dollars that they do not have and keep robbing Peter to pay Paul to keep all of the government freebies flowing? Democracy gave power to the people and the people have ruled themselves into slavery; absolute dependence on the government and a total lack of real freedom which is what independence is. This great lie can be traced back almost as far as anyone would wish to pursue it but a favorite example of mine is the farcical trial and tragic regicide of the noble King Charles I of Great Britain.

Out of protest the noble Stuart monarch did not speak much at his trial for he refused to recognize that any court was competent to judge him. It was just as well for he was a dead man as soon as he fell into the hands of his enemies. However, when he did finally speak what he said was as profound as it would be unpopular for modern audiences. The part that no one will like is that he said government was the business of kings and had nothing to do with the common people sharing in it. I know, I know, most today would cut his head off for that alone (unless of course he was the leader of a communist country the rest of the world depended on for trade and cheap labor). However, what I think is too often forgotten is what the noble King said after that about what exactly it was he had been fighting for. He said, if I may paraphrase, that in defending his own rights as King he was defending the rights of every person in the land to what was truly their own. The Crown and his powers were his by legitimate, legal and ancient hereditary right. If the government could take that from him then they could take anything from anyone. So it is today.

When you boil it down, there really is no dispute over what the Greek collapse was caused by. People voted themselves money until they ran out of money at which point they borrowed money and now their bills are coming due. It is obvious and yet no one, on either side of the mainstream political spectrum, seems to understand it. We still have young idiots camping outside Wall Street demanding “free” college and forgiveness of debts and even on the right, notice how the Republicans are still terrified of admitting that social security is broke. All the senior citizens marching with the “Tea Party” shout for budget cuts and smaller government until it comes to the programs they themselves are entitled to. In Great Britain the National Health Service is the biggest economic drain in the history of the British Isles yet, because of democratic absolutism, even those politicians smart enough to realize the obvious dare not say so or make a single move against the NHS because they would be promptly voted out of office for taking away “free” healthcare from the people. No, they will reduce the army to a palace guard, scrap the royal yacht and share a navy with France before they will suggest that the people actually pay for their own healthcare themselves.

The truly maddening thing about all of this is that it is so painfully obvious and was figured out thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks and Romans understood this. Democracy means the ‘have nots’ can vote themselves the property of the ‘haves’ until there are no more ‘haves’ and everyone is a ‘have not’ and the nation tears itself to pieces. Which is usually when the dictator steps forward and everyone had better pray he is a benevolent one.


  1. Proverbs 16:25 reads,:
    There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

    I feel that today’s love of Democracy, of even the Conservative American drive for “A Republic, not a Democracy” is inherently rooted in false assumptions about Human Nature and the Nature of Monarchy. They are fed stories about Brutal and Tyrannical Kings and now it is common knowledge that most Kings in History have been bad, with the good being rare indeed. Nobles and Aristocrats are portrayed as at best out of touch and at worst selfish and concerned only with sating their own Lusts at the expense of those unfortunate enough to be subjected to them.

    The Idea behind today’s Democracy is also Rebellion. Revolution fuels it, and we all know that a Rebel heart is one that is discontent. You do not find Contentment in fuelling hatred though, however, in a Republic you must Fuel Hatred, how else does the Machinery of State hold Elections if not for Parties?

    Most don’t understand Monarchy, and don’t see it as a King who rules in the same way a man may own, and even inherit, a business or a house. They see it as a man who is a Dictator who has them in servitude, and Liberty coming only when “The people” take what is “Rightfully their own”. Many in America can’t even understand that this thinking is what leads to Socialism and in the end Communism, as they are too tied into the fantasy that somehow the two are opposites.

    The Truth is, Rebellion and a desire to take what is someone else’s is the very nature of a Republic, with the illusion maintained by constant fear and distrust amidst the Citizens supposedly United. It always breaks down in the end, but people think that it is the opposite of ehat it rally is, and think Monarchy is also the opposite of what is Truly is, as they are fed on the Lie of a Free Lunch, and kept at each others Throats too long to think about it, or fed stories of Glorious Revolution.

    But I agree, the West is ending, and I think that in 100 Years, though I am not Prophet and don’t know, Democracy will have run its course. If we are fortunate, Monarchy will be restored. If not, dictatorship or oligarchy awaits us.

  2. It was also in "Juarez" that Napoleon III said "Democracy! Government of the cattle, by the cattle, for the cattle!"
    For surely if the cattle were to vote, they'd vote themselves out of the plate, leaving nothing to eat for anyone, in apt metaphor for your point.
    It's just as de Maistre said, "in a democracy, every people get the government they deserve". Which is why, although I dislike politicians, I blame more often the people. Politicians are elected after all, and they respond to the stimulus of the barometer of popular opinion, and nothing else, not even reason (those who do are soon tossed out).

  3. The United States itself was founded by people who hated the whole idea of democracy - not least because it would mean an end to slavery. The Founding Fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy. They hated political parties (the Whigs and Tories of Great Britain) which they saw as the inevitable result of a representative democracy. Nevertheless, representative democracy soon replaced the oligarchic American Republic...


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