Friday, July 22, 2011

Terrorists Strike Norway

The usually peaceful Kingdom of Norway has been hit by a terrible double-terrorist attack with a bombing at the offices of the Prime Minister in Oslo and a mass-shooting at a nearbye youth camp. Police say the two events are linked. So far, I have not heard who or what group authorities think may be responsible. Some have speculated that in may involve a former Al-Qaeda official from northern Iraq who was (foolishly) granted asylum in Norway. The Norwegians have since been trying to deport him but (what a shock) he doesn't want to go and has been fighting it in court while also making violent threats against the Norwegian state. You know, there was a time when this sort of think did not, would not and could not ever happen but now isn't the time to go into that. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegian people at this difficult time and with the victims of this senseless slaughter. May God be with them.


  1. I read about the explosion this morning, but I hadn't heard about the shootings.
    God preserve Norway.

    I know what you mean about the al-Qaeda fellow. If you were threatening the nation openly and violently back in the day, you'd be put in jail, or even executed.

  2. It was non-islamic. As a matter of fact, the daily mail showed a picture of the perp in full masonic uniform :

    They seem to have accidentally cut off the insignia of his uniform so here it is :

    I remember you wrote an article a while back when you wrote about monarchism in latin america, and you were keen to mention that the freemasons played a big role in defeating the monarchist cause.
    The explosions happened at the PM's office. The first pic of the perp is him in full masonic gear; Norway is a monarchy; its economy isnt embroiled in debt crisis like the rest of Europe. I'm no theorist, but I smell bad things afoot.

  3. It would actually appear to have been an ethnically native Norwegian who comitted the blast (though I did also make the mistake of assuming it was Muslims). Information on the man's motives are sketchy at best, but the media has already labelled him a "right wing extremist" (meaning, of course, neo-Nazi). The possibility of an Islamic connection cannot be ruled out (especially considering the general fingerprint of the event).

    I shall pray for the souls of the dead.

  4. Yes, I go into that in today's news post. Police are still baffled by the lack of any ties, so far, that they can find to extremist groups. I would still say the Islamic terrorists have been an influence as, unfortunate as it is, they have proven that such tactics are effective. Or, rather, the western governments have done so by caving in to them in the wake of such attacks. Somehow I doubt the authorities will take pains to say that all right-wing extremists are not terrorists or that nationalism is really an "ideology of peace" etc.


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