Sunday, July 31, 2011

MM Video: Empress Eugenie of France



  1. Nice video, with rare images, such as the one at
    the Opening of the Suez Canal in November 1869.

    Even a couple movie scenes included...perhaps
    Violettes Imperiales ? I would like to get a hold of that film.

    Well done with the choice of accompaniment, "Partant Pour La Syrie".
    Composed by the mother of Napoleon III,
    Queen Hortense, this was the anthem of the Second Empire.

    Not the anti-monarchical, anti-spiritual 'La Marseillaise' of
    the French Republic.

    I wonder about the pic at :30 - perhaps mislabeled
    somewhere as it doesn't look like Eugenie.

    The one at :32 is her sister, Paca.

    Perfect ending for the video with the scene of the priest celebrating the Tridentine Latin Mass at the altar in the crypt under
    St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, England.

    The granite tomb on a ledge above is inscribed simply
    - Eugenie -

    If anyone is visiting England, this is quite near London, and worth a trip.

    The Abbey is small and special.
    If you are Catholic,
    go there for a rare traditional Mass [see their website for times]

  2. I know there is at least one screenshot from "Juarez" in there. There might also be one or two that do not belong, I thought that myself but, in cases like that, I tend to assume whoever identified them is smarter than I am and just take their word for it.


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