Monday, July 25, 2011

Mark Steyn on Norway

Canadian-born author Mark Steyn (with whom I let some things pass for the sake of his admiration for the British Empire) wrote a column for National Review Online concerning the tragedy in Norway. One question I have been pondering since all this happened is that, if the media reports are correct (and Steyn raises some doubts) that this all comes down to Islamophobia and anti-multiculturalism; just exactly how important are these things to Europe and Norway in particular? I mean, if that is the cause, if this massacre was the result of anger over multi-culturalism I have to ask -is it worth it? What exactly does multi-culturalism provide to modern Norway that is so valuable or so vital that it must be furthered even when it (supposedly) drives ordinary farmers into murderous rages against his own countrymen? I could ask the same question of other European countries. What is it that our "pluralistic" society provides which is so valuable as to offset the Oslo bombing, the Madrid train bombings, the London tube bombings, the riots in Paris, the Christmas bombing in Stockholm and so on and so forth? Look at how many acts of horrific violence have been carried out because of or in opposition to "multiculturalism". I ask again; is it worth it? If so, I would really like to know how and why. -MM

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