Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MM Video: The Politically Incorrect Truth About the French Revolution

(sorry about the buzzing in the background, after so many complaints of previous videos being hard to hear I turned everything up all the way and that was the result, so -hard to hear or buzzing appear to be the options)

Part I: King Louis XVI

Part II: Queen Marie Antoinette

Part III: The Revolution Itself


  1. Thank you for the great video. I share your anger, Mr. Mad. What passes for history today is blasphemous. To continue to repeat such lies is to call disaster on our heads, because I believe that the spirits live on and that truth will out. It just so happens that all of these engineered revolutions manage to occur just when the situation is about to improve. Barras mentioned that point in his Memoirs, and also noted that bands of thugs entered France at that time and it was they more than anyone who were responsible for the violence. The Rothschild mansion in Paris remained untouched amid the disaster in Paris. The National Guards were filled with co-religionists of this banker family. And anyone who thinks it wise to join with them, thinking it's temporary and useful, can look to Napoleon as an example.

  2. I think it is safe to say that the majority of strong western monarchists, or even just the broader traditionalist movement, were first galvanized to their position by a strong aversion to the horror of the French Revolution. I remember being a mindless republican when I was in school and I watched a French Revolution documentary. By the end of class, I remember saying that I would never have thought that I would have sympathy with the Catholic King of France as an American Protestant. That was an unacceptable comment, of course, being that Monarchs are all mean, evil dictators who, at most, should be kept on display as a sort of national statue honoring the days of yore.

    It seems today we live in a world that is shaped mostly by madness and inconsistent, destructive ideals formed by the three great Revolutions: American, French, and Russian. Of the three, the French was probably the most consequential. The American Revolution would have remained isolated without it. The Russian probably would never have gotten off the ground.

    Now, to suggest a return to moral sanity and to preserve any fleeting ghost of Christendom is not even considered. It's all about a triumphal march into the millennial kingdom of the liberal democracy. This is all due to the ideology forced upon society by the French Revolutionaries and since accepted as the indisputable dogma of the Age.

  3. Thank you for the videos! Do you have the sources for my own research that you have for your information?


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