Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Favorite Royal Images: Martyred Heir

HIH Tsarevich Alexis of Russia


  1. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2ymxuHQEGEg/Tb4PBdi9XxI/AAAAAAAAAa0/VwaO0FMwRHY/s1600/ZCXZC.jpg
    I did not know where to link it, but i love this picture.

  2. What happened to them is so horrifying and sad.

  3. What's sadder still is that they could've been saved by George V for one.

    I heartily think Nicholas II was av terrible Czar and Alexandra should've never been Czarina, but no one deserved that fate.

    And GD Elizabeth's was even worse. A nun for God's sake!

    Too bad Alexander III didn't live longer or Tzarevitch Nixa survive.

    1. Nicholas II was not a terrible Czar, he was in an impossible position. Perhaps someone of your POV would see it best in this light: in the USA, when Republicans point to the horrid statistics in the country on the number of people unemployed, the number on benefits, the huge national debt and all these other problems and say, 'Obama is a terrible President', the Democrats respond by saying that there is only so much Obama can do when he is opposed by an opposition party that says its primary goal is his political defeat. Take that, multiply it by a thousand and that's what Nicholas II faced, except he didn't have an opposition party that (shockingly enough) opposed him but rather a group that wanted him dead, that wanted the whole government destroyed and that tried to (and often did) murder anyone who showed any promise of saving the national situation. It was amazing Nicholas did as well as he did for as long as he did and without the war he might have pulled through.


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