Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MM Video: The Politically Incorrect Truth About Japan in World War I, Part I

This was the first of a new video series I got the urge to do (back when I thought the last one was going well) as part of an effort to refute what I think are the most unfair misrepresentations of monarchies which most historians actually know but ignore because telling the truth in these cases would be considered politically incorrect. So far, I have made two, each in three parts, one on Japan in World War II and one on the French Revolution. I am not committed to more, waiting to see if these were a good idea first. Turn up your sound as I have been told this first batch is hard to hear. Parts II and III will be posted later this week along with the regular articles (because I know not many of you like them) so there will be no interference with the regular schedule. That will probably hold true when I post the next batch as well but no more after that as I simply do not have time to write several articles a week plus make the videos at the same time -especially if no one likes the videos. This is part one which focuses on the Mukden Incident, parts two and three will be posted in the days to come and next week three on the French Revolution will be posted. -MM

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