Friday, April 11, 2014

Mad Monarchist Q&A

Sorry for the delay this week. I just forgot to upload it at the usual time and then assumed I already had. However, in all that time, I had come to the conclusion to discontinue this series anyway. Since I finally realized the week had almost gone by without posting the last session, with no one else seeming to notice, it reaffirmed my decision that stopping is the right thing to do. There just was not enough people interested in it to make it worth the time. So, despite what you hear in this video, this will be the last such recording. The questions from this week will be answered next week but no new ones will be accepted and the Questions page will be closed after that. Thanks to all who participated, I probably enjoyed it more than you did (at least according to the statistics!).


  1. What?! You can't end it on a 13! That's just bad luck!

    Also, while I can't speak for everyone, weeks can certainly get rather busy - I just trusted you would churn out a video before week's end. Oh, well... on the bright side, it could open up the top bar, I suppose!

    (PS. Hitler's brain had better be in command of an army of Nazi Penguins.)

  2. If you really enjoy it why do you leave it?

    I think your blog is not "popular" because you don´t add it enough activism. There are many monarchist political you should pay attention to (even here in Argentina, a country that was born as a Republic!!!). It's not the same thing to make things alone than to make a real movement.

    Even i don´t share your ideas and i think a monarchist movement will never succeded, it would be really interest to see a monarchist movement rise. I am political scientist student and i would love to study this.

    Another thing, i haven´t seen much about the brasilian monarchy in your blog, and monarchism in Brasil is something relatively alive

    So, don´t kill your blog

    The Mad Republicanist

    1. I was not talking about the blog. 3-4,000 people a day read this blog and I'm quite happy with that. I was referring only to the Q&A segments. As for the monarchist parties around the world, few make their activities available to foreign audiences and they tend to divide monarchists. Lastly, I do not see the wisdom, as a monarchist, in taking advice from avowed republicans.

  3. What you do here is reaaally important. It's sad that you decided to end.
    Your friend from Brazil.

    What do you think that would be a good method to bring down a republic and restore a monarchy ?

  4. Sorry to hear this, I enjoyed listening to you. But perhaps every week was too often? Maybe your audience would appreciate it more if the Q&A-section was available only once a month or even every two months. I mean, why stop the project completely, when you enjoyed it?

  5. Hello MadMonarchist, this is the first time I have commented on one of your posts, but I read your blog every day.

    I do enjoy your Q&A sessions, I just don't often get the free time to sit and listen to them. I'm a bit behind. I'm glad you enjoyed making them; this one was particularly interesting, especially the question about culture and religion and the Chinese rites debate. Personally I come down on the Jesuits' side of that debate, but I'm a non-Catholic sinophile so that is to be expected. Heavens know that Confucianism was, and is, more compatible with Christianity than China's new communist philosophy.

    As for Scotland's independence, I don't think the monarchy would last long in an independent Scotland either, which would be tragic because the Scottish monarchy is the oldest in the British Isles. The Queen is a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, and her favourite residence is Balmoral Castle; she's as Scottish as tartan, heather and shortbread. Why anyone claiming to love their country would want to overthrow its oldest and one of its most significant institutions and import a foreign system to replace it is beyond me, but hey, clearly I'm missing something.

    The Jacobites must be spinning in their graves now that secularising, socialist republicans have usurped their legacy.

  6. I've read your text Q&As but I've never got more than a few minutes into the video Q&As. Partially because 20-30 minutes is a large time commitment all at once and partly because, and please don't take offence, I find it difficult listening to your voice.


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