Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MM Video: Q&A, Answering Your Questions


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  2. M.M I have some unknown history for you! My family is from the house f Grimaldi. We are in Australia now and have been here for a long time now. My Great Grandmother was the Lady in waiting on Rasmussan yacht during WW1 she was there for the wedding of the Kiesers right hand man. She overheard them talking of their plan of attacking England. After leaving the yacht she went to the Brittish consulate and told them of this plan and how she gained this information. During this wartime Malta was a neutral country thus my family was punished for telling this information. In my belief My Great Grandmother was a hero, she saved many thousands of lives and if it had of been today she would have been seen that way. God bless her. This might inspire you M.M to do a little research to find the truth of this unknown piece of history. M.M if you would like to know more I am here to answer as much as I know. P.S The true prince of Malta is still alive! Maquis K


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