Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Got Questions?

Since some have asked, I am doing something of a 'test-run'. You will notice a new button on the upper right of the page, underneath the title image and to the right of the "Texas" button that says "Questions". That is the page to go to if you have anything you would like to ask yours truly, The Mad Monarchist. Having been accused of being somewhat reclusive, I want to remedy that impression if, in fact, it does exist. Based on what posts are popular and the comments that are left, I never thought there was much left for anyone to be curious about or that there was anything else any sizable group of people had any desire to know about, rest assured, it is not that I am trying to be exclusive. I am quite free with my opinions, my views on just about any given subject, be it monarchy related or not. If there is a number of you out there who have questions, post them in the comment section of the "Questions" page (I may also post this or something similar on my Facebook page) and I will answer whatever questions you have, either in a written post or in a Youtube video which will be posted here, provided of course there are enough questions posed to make it worthwhile. So, feel free to ask me anything, it could be about a monarchy past or present, some political event, the color of my office walls -it's up to you. If there isn't anything anyone cares to know, we will move on, if there is a great deal it might become a regular feature. That's up to you. So, send me your questions if you have them.


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