Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MM Video: Q & A, Answering Your Questions


  1. Much thanks for clearing that up. I had read elsewhere that the Byzantines practiced divine right but only in one source. I'll be sure to edit the dialog to be more historically accurate and credit you in the read-me. The mod is my attempt to help spread monarchist ideas, and tell a good story while I'm at it, so I strive to be as accurate as possible.

  2. Thank you for your answers. To clarify on my questions, though, when I asked about the Aristocracy and also the Progressive/Traditional aspect, this reflects my observations through historical study that Monarchy goes best with an Aristocracy and a generally "Traditional" system, not too influenced by Enlightenment and Post-Enlightenment ideology. Moreover, speaking from a more "academic" POV, I've come to note that the socio-economic framework of society often make it easier for certain types of government to thrive and definitely, the more modern (urban, educated, "free," industrial) societies become, the more the underlying premises that support monarchy are diluted. Of course, people ought to support monarchy anyway, but it helps if the basic system confirms more with those proven to support monarchy as opposed to the more mercantile systems that often set the conditions for bourgeois representative democracy. I say all this because I've tended to note that legitimate monarchs, by giving in too far to liberal voices have often undermined their own positions by setting up the conditions (ideological and material) for their falls. Give an inch, they'll take a mile.


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