Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monarchist Quote

"I hate rebels, I hate traitors, I hate tyranny come from where it will. I have seen much of the world, and I have learnt from experience to hate and detest republics. There is nothing but tyranny & oppression, I have never known a good act done by a Republican, it is contrary to his character under the mask of Liberty. He is a tyrant, a many headed monster that devours your happiness and property. Nothing is free from this monster's grasp. A republic has no affection for its subjects. A King may be ill advised and act wrong, a Republic never acts right, for a knot of villains support each other, and together they do what no single person dare attempt."

-Lord Horatio Nelson
A great man and one of the greatest naval commanders in world history and, like the proprietor of The Royal World, The Mad Monarchist completely agrees with his sentiments above.

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