Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Self-Hating World

I have commented before about the extent to which the European peoples have been depopulating and I have recently also ranted on about my anger over the push for certain peoples in the world to be made to feel ashamed of themselves, not for anything they have done, but for what their ancestors have done. This is just my own opinion of course but I feel that the two issues must be connected. It is a phenomenon that seems to be mostly restricted to “First World” countries (Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand) and while not exactly pertaining strictly to the issue of monarchy, the monarchies in all of these parts of the world do figure into the situation; particularly the British monarchy being as it is the most widely shared monarchy in the world. It seems to me that one of the great, often unspoken, problems faced by the peoples of the first world today is a ghastly shortage of healthy, patriotic pride and love of country. Some may not believe that, I believe it to be clearly and obviously true. I should probably state at the outset that, as these are (with one exception) countries which have all traditionally been Christian, that I know many will respond by saying that this can only be a good thing as pride is something bad. It is one of the “seven deadly sins” after all. True, but I at least think there is a considerable difference between a righteous pride and the sort of pride that extends to arrogance, xenophobia and general bigotry. In short, there is, I think, a pride that is healthy and a pride that is unhealthy; a pride that causes one to love your country and people as opposed to a pride that causes one to hate and belittle countries and peoples other than your own.

This can also be said about the term “nationalism” which tends to have negative connotations today. And, it is true, nationalism can be a very dangerous thing. Yet, it does not have to be and even in the days when nationalism was extremely weak in Europe (for example) because people identified themselves by their faith first and foremost, there was still clearly identifiable nationalities which were distinct from each other. A Belgian, a Bavarian and an Italian may have all been part of the empire but that certainly did not mean they were all the same. Today, however, people of first world countries at least seem to be pushed more and more to think that nationalities do not exist and they are getting away with it, in part I think, because of a lack of national pride. Again, some will probably dispute that but I am talking about a deep-seated, rationale, informed national pride and not some sort of cosmetic or emotional pride that is barely skin deep. I am not talking about people who paint their faces and wave flags at football games but those who understand and appreciate who they are, where they came from and what their people to survive and prosper forever and always. There is a big difference between the two. The one is prepared to toil on, even against hopeless odds, for the sake of his country while the other is what a certain despicable revolutionary once termed, “the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot”.

A perfectly good example of this is Mexico. There is no shortage of superficial pride amongst the Mexican people. Travel anywhere in which there is a sizeable Mexican population and you will see Mexican flags everywhere, Our Lady of Guadalupe detailed on the backs of cars and a great deal of talk and show about Mexican pride. Yet, there are now more Mexicans living in the United States than in Mexico. That reveals a lack of the sort of pride I am talking about. Someone with the sort of pride I am talking about would not leave their country for greener pastures elsewhere, but would stay and work day in and day out, even enduring hardship, to make their country better, to make it the place that was so successful others would be looking longingly there as the greener pasture. The difference though, perhaps because Mexico is not a first world country, is that no one is trying to discourage real pride amongst the Mexican people. Read a history book in a school in Monclova or Saltillo and you will never find anything about Mexico fighting an unjust war (though the vast majority have been with themselves) nor will you find much about misdeeds done to other peoples. These things are not universally ignored, but they are certainly not emphasized or over dwelled upon.

This is certainly not the case when it comes to first world countries. At least not anymore. I can remember a time (and I’m not that old) when American schools tended to encourage the belief that the United States had always been right and, on the rare occasions when mistakes were made, these either worked out for the best anyway or were recognized and quickly corrected. It is not so anymore nor has it been so for quite a few years in most European countries. I recall how shocked I was when first told that in British schools children are actually taught that there country was in the wrong during the American War for Independence and that the Americans had been right. I expected American school books to teach that but had always assumed that in Britain they would teach that Britain was in the right and America in the wrong. Not so. The British seem to get the worst of it sometimes, probably because of the British Empire which was so much more successful than the competition. Yet, virtually every European country these days is being told that they should not be proud of their countries but, in fact, should be ashamed of them. There is always something to point to (truly, because peoples consist of men and women rather than angels -and even some of them were bad) and even when it can be hard to find there is always collective guilt to fall back on. I remember being quite bewildered seeing such a case made in Norway. As any student of history can recall, no Scandinavian country was ever a major colonial power, yet there are held collectively guilty for the “crimes” of others who were.

The list of specific examples, however, is endless and in most cases involves colonialism and/or imperialism. Presumably this is because of the dominance of Marxists in the education systems of the first world and Marxists tend to see everything in terms of a “land grab”. As usual, the most deadly poison is that which includes some non-lethal material to help the lethal bit go down easier. Again, every country and people has done something or some things that were wrong so those aspects are heavily emphasized. Yet, by that same token, every country and every people have done a great deal that was good and these things are seldom pointed out, at least in terms of the first world countries in question. So, to use the British example again, unsavory actions on the part of the British Empire, like the Opium War, are emphasized while positive actions, like the suppression of the Thugee in India, are downplayed or ignored. In the case of the Spanish Empire, brutality toward the Native Americans is emphasized while the eradication of human sacrifice is downplayed or ignored. There is a difference, despite how things seem today, in whitewashing history and expecting entire countries to continuously flog themselves for crimes decades and sometimes centuries in the past.

This has gone on, in places around the world, to reach farcical proportions. And, again, one cannot help but sense a Marxist worldview at work considering that in almost every case considerable amounts of wealth are being transferred; to help “make up” for past misdeeds of course. The government of the United Kingdom sends millions of pounds to Zimbabwe which is ruled by a socialist dictator with plenty of blood on his hands and who spends far more on his own recreation than on education in his country. A country, by the way, which was part of the old Rhodesia which Britain cut ties with because they refused to go along with the campaign to end racial discrimination, yet the dictator Mugabe never tires of blaming every misfortune in his country on the racist misdeeds of the old British Empire. So, a British government which did nothing wrong is paying money and being blamed for the racism of a past regime they cut ties with for being racist by a modern day dictator who actually carries out racist policies. It is simply incredible.

There are plenty of other examples, just as ridiculous. Not too long ago Italians were treated to the sight of Prime Minister Berlusconi apologizing for the colonial past of Italy to none other than the brutal dictator Muammar Gaddafi as well as paying the Libyan tyrant billions in “compensation” for the actions of the Fascist regime decades ago. Keep in mind, Gaddafi had barely been born when Italian rule in Libya ended and Berlusconi himself was a mere child at the time. Would anyone expect the new Libyan government to apologize for the actions of Gaddafi? I doubt it, and why should they when they were not responsible? Yet, an Italian prime minister is expected to apologize as though he or his government were in any way responsible for the actions of Mussolini. In 1972 Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka apologized for actions during and prior to World War II to the People’s Republic of China which has the blood of tens of millions of people on its hands. Keep in mind, this was the leader of a government that had already denounced the actions for which he was apologizing, in power in the country under a totally different national framework and totally different constitution than that which had done wrong. And yet he was apologizing to a government that was not in power at the time those things were done but which was the exact same government, dominated by the same political party, which had killed or caused the deaths of tens of millions of people. It is absurd to say the least of it.

Why is all of this being done? Perhaps because the educational system across the first world is dominated by revolutionary (usually Marxist) elites who make sure that the history everyone learns is one long litany of vicious misdeeds. Is it any wonder that these same countries are all depopulating? I’m sure there has been no study of it and I doubt there is any way such a thing could be proven but, personally, I cannot help but believe that there is something going on deep in the subconscious mind of the peoples of these countries. Having been told for decades that they are the worst peoples in the world, it seems that they have all decided (without making a conscious decision or even being aware of it) that the world would be better off without them and that they do not “deserve” to survive. It has gone beyond wallowing in self-pity to outright self-hatred and self-flagellation on a national and even semi-global scale. It is a mentality that has been pounded into the heads of whole populations over decades. It is also noteworthy that a tactic is used that the Marxists are very fond of which is the choice between two extremes; you either embrace Marxism or else you don’t care about the poor at all. You either believe that you and your people have been a plague on humanity for all time or else you are trying to whitewash history and think you’re better than everyone else and you’ve never made a mistake. That often shocks people into shameful agreement even though a mere moment of reflection would tell anyone that life is not so simple as that.

It should not be too difficult to grasp the concept of being able to resist the extremes of being a humorless, xenophobic jerk or wallowing in self-pity and negativity until your people literally no longer wish to survive. As it stands now, it does not surprise me at all that countries across the First World, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Japan have all had considerable numbers of people killed in terrorist attacks by their own people. When the educational system is dominated by a point of view that says "_____(your country) is evil and has always been evil and has been cruel to everyone in the world" it only surprises me that even more young people are not driven to hatred of their countries and a desire to see them wiped out. A simple look at the birth rates show that most no longer consider their nations worthy of survival so it's not that great a leap to think they should just be finished off more quickly. It doesn't have to be this way. A little healthy pride is not a bad thing and, while most may be beyond saving, a less extremist view should be worked toward. People should feel shame at doing wrong. People nor countries should be ashamed simply for being successful.

Just a bit of opinion from The Mad Monarchist


  1. I think it shows when people do not want to think Communism is equal to Nazism as an ideology, which in most of Eastern Europe they at least do recognise. There is an amazing incoherence on part of Leftists. They hate the idea of nationhood, yet they rabidly champion the Palestinian cause. They hate Western civilisation yet cannot spread their vile trash without computers and smartphones. They grieve for indigenous peoples yet deny the right of Europeans to preserve their identity. They hate religion yet believe everyone should believe what they believe in. Socialism basically fries brains in red oil!

  2. These are all good points with which I agree completely. Yet I wonder, how does one inculcate national pride while still recognizing that the nation has done evil deeds?

    1. By being proud of the good parts, while still recognizing the bad, much as individual humans do for themselves. It's really quite simple. But the left (not to mention Satan himself) rely on overcomplicating the issue to confuse people.

  3. I used to be a patriotic American. That was, until I had an agent of this gov't threaten to take my newborn child from me over my choice of pet, after having terrorized my recovering wife in her own home and telling me my rights didn't "impress her". My pet, a red-tailed boa, died at a friend's house a year later. This species of snake never killed anyone, not even a baby. Just a bully with a badge. I took down every American flag in my home, and there's not been one flying since. And if this country ever had any prayer of regaining my respect, it lost it in November of 2012. I soon discovered my contemporaries were by and large lazy, engrossed in escapism, calling evil good and good evil, rejecting God in every real way, and condemning me as "harsh" for pointing out the 600 pound gorilla in the room. Plato was right: These people would rather see the flickering shadows of illusion that the sunlight of a free world. I differ from most: I'm ashamed of what America, and by and large western civilization has become, mostly due to the forces you wrote of here.

    1. Love of country and pride in national success does not mean that you like or approve of everything your country does. It does not mean you blindly think you have no faults. It means you appreciate what you have, where you come from and where there are faults you want to make things better, correct the problems and improve as best you can.

  4. I realise this post is several days old so my reply may not be read, but, I'll say it anyway.

    It doesn't surprise me at all that the American Revolution is seen as good in British Schools, but it's not just that Britain is being told that the British were always bad, it's because the Revolutionary Period was not really “American” but the worlds Revolution. The American Revolution grew out of the Enlightenment. It stems not so much from a rejection of Religion but a replacement of Traditional Christianity with Enlightenment Principles, and the original Enlightenment thinkers even called their beliefs a new Religion.

    Despite what modern Americans, especially those who bill themselves as Conservatives, say, the fact is that Marxism grew from the same Cauldron, and the French Revolution is the same as the American, as Jefferson once noted.

    It is when the Powerful Elites in society became converted to this new Religion of creating Human Equality via an Egalitarian social order in which no classes existed and wealth was distributed equally (the same Thomas Jefferson leaned this way, and Thomas Paine wanted the abolition of Private Property or at leats monetary compensation for “the loss of natural inheritance”, long before Karl Marx came along) that generates this.

    The Values also tie into Freemasonry, though I don't want to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist.

    The fact is, Lockean Values and the Values of the Enlightenment have become the dominant Religion of the world, and even those who claim to be Christian or Muslim or Jewish have simply adapted those Religions to fit within the new Framework. Its just a superficial bit of Theology used to serve the Greater, Real Ideal they hold to.

    But if you read the works of Locke, and Diderot, and Jefferson, and Paine, you see that all of them advocated destroying the Old so the New can be built. So did Robespierre, and so did Rousseau.

    The whole of the Revolutionary mentality is to destroy the Old, to curse out Fathers and the past, and to build a society of Brothers by killing our Fathers. The Past must be made Evil so that all the ideas of the past are thrown away willingly, and the New Order is created from the Ashes of Ruin, rising like a Phoenix. Unfortunate, the promise is more like the University Of Phoenix, in that it promises you a better future in a ob you love only to charge to you massive fees and have you pay by Student Loans, and at the end you hold a Useless Degree that leaves you in massive Debt, with no job as no one will honour a Degree from the University of Phoenix. Republicanism, and for that matter the whole New Order, is like the For Profit University Scams we see. It's build on making promises and showing you a vision of a better world, only it never delivers and leaves you destroyed. The only difference is, if you attend the University Of Phoenix, you may be left in Financial Harship but society ticks on, and it doesn’t tell you to hate your mother or your Father.

    The real reason Britain or Spain or France or Italy are presented as Evil to their own inhabitants is so that the people of those Nations will embrace a new Identity as Europeans, and eventually as Global Citizens, in a new, Democratic Peoples Republic of the world, to end all poverty and oppression by brignign Peace through Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality.

    The ideals of the American Revolution are now the Ideals of the World, and people simply interpret History in such a way as to make it fit the narrative of Progress towards those Ideals and use this image s a means to help shape society as they need it to be shaped.


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