Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mad Motivation


  1. I never understood why the (U.S.) right disses Obama for this; he did what he had to do, after all, Akihito is an Emperor. The one time he was polite actually. He switched styles with Queen Elizabeth II though. :)

  2. I'm sure I would be placed on the "right" and I did no such thing (you can look up the post on the subject if you like). Nor did I object to him bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. I DID object to his uniform refusal to bow to any European royal he has ever met in similar fashion.

  3. Yes, but reading this blog I would place you in the classic European Right (Conservative) sphere, even though you're American. I mean you're a Monarchist, a Traditionalist and a Catholic which makes it hard to put you in one group with Rush Limbaugh or Molotov Mitchell, whom I like btw, despite him being Protestant and pro-Israel. But I guess most American Conservatives are pro-Israel (also a huge dividing line between US-EU Conservatives).

    Would you consider these valid points as to why you couldn't be placed in a classical US Conservative Canon? (Of course, you know yourself better.. :) There are exceptions of course, like Russel Kirk, who would've passed as a Conservative even in Europe.


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