Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mad Rant: Republican Media in Monarchy

The Commonwealth and, in particular, the United Kingdom, have been celebrating the historic milestone of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, marking her 60 years on the British and Commonwealth thrones. A time for joy, celebrations, patriotism and national pride; right? Not for the liberal-biased media which has chosen to take time out of their coverage to give attention to the anti-monarchy republicans of the U.K. who, as devoted members of the “Cry Baby Brigade” have been pouting over all the happiness focused on Her Majesty and the monarchy. These treasonous scumbags are surely newsworthy considering that their republican pity parties have attracted hundreds of supporters -in a country of more than 62 million people. Oh they claim of course that there is a vast, silent majority that is sympathetic to their cause, but then one has to wonder why only a few hundred out of a population of tens of millions can bestir themselves to show up to voice their protest against this terrible injustice they claim to be suffering under. As we all know, the real reason is that it is all a bunch of bull cookies!

These people are scum. They are spoiled, stupid, treasonous scum. They live in a land of safety, stability and freedom, provided by the system of constitutional monarchy at the top of which is the Queen and then use the very freedom that system provides to spew their juvenile hatred against Her Majesty knowing full well that they don’t have to worry about being dragged off to the Tower for doing it. And they have the nerve, the temerity, the unmitigated gall to actually frame their silly little cry baby moaning in terms of the people “standing up for democracy all over the world”, meaning places like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Places where people have had no voice whatsoever in their government, no freedom of speech or assembly and where governments have butchered people in the streets for opposing them. How dare they! How dare they compare themselves to people who have actually risked their lives and actually sacrificed their lives (whether you agree with them or not) for the cause they believe in. These members of the spoiled brat brigade in Britain risk nothing to moan and groan and complain about the very system that protects them and gives them the right to moan, groan and whine. And that INFURIATES me!

Everything these trashy whiners do infuriates me. They complain endlessly about how “offensive” they find the life of “privilege” that the Queen and the Royal Family enjoy. Well, exactly what “privileges” are these? I would really like to know. Is it the lavish residences, the horses, fancy cars? Because the royals would still have all of that too even if they were no longer recognized royalty. Unless they are to have all of their private property forcibly confiscated from them (in full communist style) then they would still just be wealthy private citizens. So, what are the “privileges” that they enjoy just by being royal? The Queen has no actual political power over anyone, no one can even be compelled to treat Her Majesty with respect. The royals cannot vote, they have no freedom of speech, no freedom of movement and no freedom of religion. They spend their entire lives carrying out services on behalf of their country, everything they do is scrutinized, they have little to no privacy, their every day is planned out weeks if not months in advance and when they are criticized they cannot even defend themselves. The Queen is also the only one in the country who is subject to double taxation. Exactly where are all these great “privileges” I keep hearing about? Is it the jewels and the crowns and that stuff? Can’t be, because those do not exactly belong to the Queen either. Technically they do but, of course, she could not decide to just take one of the crowns down to the local pawn shop, sell it and pocket the money can she? There are private citizens in the U.K. who are wealthier than the royals with none of the responsibility and a great deal more rights and freedom who do as they please, when they please with no one paying them the least bit of attention. Spare me the “life of privilege” argument!

Another one that really bugs me is the expense of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at a time of “austerity” and economic crisis for Great Britain. Let me remind all of these “oppressed” republicans in the United Kingdom that right here in the good old republican United States of America, at our last Presidential inauguration, which was held at the height of the economic crisis, American taxpayers paid for a ceremony and celebrations that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. And these were hardly festivities that any person could enjoy considering that the tickets for standing room at the back of the mall (the cheap “seats”) were nearly $2,000 each and they went up drastically from there. Yet, any complaints that it was too expensive for a time of economic crisis were quickly hushed up because the inauguration of Barack Obama (peace be upon him) as the first Black President was an “historic moment” for the United States. Okay, well, a Diamond Jubilee is a pretty darn “historic moment” too I would say considering that in the hundreds of years the British monarchy has existed this is only the second time such a milestone has been achieved. I would, as an American citizen, willingly and cheerfully trade the cost of the British monarchy for the cost of our President, First Family and ex-Presidents any day of the week. Just let me know whiners.

And just why is the BBC wasting time talking to these losers who represent such a pitiful, spiteful minority of the population? Why can the Queen and the vast majority of loyal, patriotic people not have just this one occasion to enjoy without digging up the usual parade of republican traitors who use the freedom the Queen provides to demand her removal? The answer of course is that the BBC is a hopelessly biased liberal institution that cannot help but sympathize with these traitors. However, I may be wrong. The BBC can very easily prove me wrong. All they have to do is this: when covering the inauguration festivities of the new socialist President of France, spend an equal amount of time as in Britain talking to French royalists (representing all factions just to be fair) and allowing them to explain how the republic has ruined the glorious land of France and how much better it would be if there was again a King in Versailles instead of a President in the Élysée. When that happens, I will promptly issue a public apology to the BBC. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hold my breath or anything.

Someone, I am sure, will be saying, ‘yeah, well, what else is new’ or ‘doesn’t surprise you does it’ or ‘shouldn’t you be used to this sort of thing’ and all the rest. Well, no, I’m not surprised but I am no less infuriated just because I have come to expect it. I’m not used to it and I resent that I or anyone else should have to get used to it. Again, I challenge anyone to go to any republic in the world on some extremely historic, special, national celebration and find the media giving the same sort of coverage to monarchists. It doesn’t exist, it doesn’t happen and everyone knows it. These cretins have not a leg to stand on, in my book they are traitors pure and simple and so are their willing abettors at the BBC. I will never learn to accept it and as long as they continue doing it I will continue to be a very, very … Mad Monarchist.


  1. I knew it would cause you to rant when I first told you, but that's the life of a member of the brain trust for you. Another excellent piece on the hypocrisy & selective wilful blindness, of the republican traitor scum brigade...

  2. Ungrateful liberal scum, they wish to destroy the very system of government that allows them to exist, You don't see limp wrist treason spouting ass hats in Cuba or China, their wet dreams. In stead they complain about the Monarchy wasting money, the Diamond Jubilee has been a Boon to the U.K. economy because people just can't get enough of Monarchy (and who can blame them!?)

    Monarchy is the ultimate form of liberty, you are free from the ravages of democracy coming to take your hard earned wealth and plunging the nation into chaos.

    I say we ship the traitors off to Tasmania like the old days, I wouldn't mind a little "reactionary tyranny" on the leftists. S-C-U-M!!!!!

  3. Republics like Portugal, France, Italy and Greece are more repressive than the supposedly "undemocratic" monarchies of the UK, Spain, Sweden et al since they make it illegal to even run on a monarchist platform. Isn't dissenting views the price you pay for an open society anymore, once you become a republic?
    It irks me something fierce that next year, when HM King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his 40th anniversary, these traitors will crawl out of the woodworks in force, just like in the UK, and not give us loyal Swedish subjects the day to ourselves.
    They will call for a referendum and a political coup by the Riksdag, the will of the majority be damned. And should they lose such a referendum they will still call for another and another and another, claiming that it's the democratic thing to do. Just like republics regularly vote on wether or not to reestablish their monarchies? Oh wait, they don't. Even in countries like Serbia and Georgia where a majority of the populace are monarchists.
    Seeing as many of these republicans are socialists and communists who don't believe in nation-states in the first place, really, what is keeping them from relocating to a republic? Inside the EU there is no excuse at all, as moving to another member state is a trivial matter, legally speaking.
    And thank you, MM, for putting what is also my stance on paper much more eloquently than I as a non-native speaker ever could.

  4. The best way to shut these people up is to stop talking about them (media). Give them no voice, they get strangled.

    And considering the current approval rating of HM is in the Eighty Percentages and their numbers keep dropping....

    What else is there to say?

  5. Democrats (one who is an adherent or advocate of democracy) and republicans (one who favors or prefers a republic) are very emotional, irrational, and covetousness individuals. I know because I was once a republican, but came to reason recently, i.e., monarchism. We are witnessing the perverted effects of the Age of Enlightenment (or Age of Reason) worldwide. The Age of Enlightenment was about improving or using man's faculty; no, it was about ridding our Creator from politics and power and ridding monarchy. Man's faculty had little to do with the Age of Enlightenment.

    Democraticism and republicanism are insanity, legalized plunder, emotional, irrational, and covetousness. I dare say that democraticism and republicanism violate the Law and the Gospel. If one wants to understand democracy or republic, then have a discussion with a voter. He will comprehend the perversion of democracies and republics. There is no surprise that democracies and republics do not last long (and they are perpetual cycles of insanity, violence, and plunder), thus I have a feeling that the world will see an emergence of monarchies again.

    Liberals, collectivists, socialists, communists, fascists, or whatever you wish to call them, when I hear such reports or hear their mouths, I hear nothing but emotion, irrationality, and avariciousness. The people of the world need to see past the utopian fantasy world that liberals et al paint. The people must return to their Creator, return to monarchy, and return to traditionalism. Damn the Age of Enlightenment; perverting the world since the Eighteenth Century.

  6. Hello, Mad Monarchist!

    I have been following the events of the Queen's Jubilee through British blogs and emails from British friends. May God bless and protect her, and long may she reign.

    I agree with you that the Republicanist Brits can get very, very "whiney", just like the Nationalist Scots. They seem bent on tearing down a culture and heritage that has been the life-blood and unity of their nation. Extreme liberalsim is just another term for an extreme identity crisis. The liberals want to change and destroy everything that has gone before and then pat themselves on the back for "a job well done". But the question is, in whose eyes was it "well done"?

    That said, I do not believe that Republics are inherently "bad" as some of the above commenters seem to be implying. In fact, I believe they can be great. I love the USA, and I love her as a Republic. Long may it stay that way. It is part of our tradition and governmental structure, just as the constitutional monarchy is part of the UK's tradition and governmental structure.

    Have a great week!

    God Bless,
    Pearl of Tyburn

  7. The left wing media circus in Australia is losing its sway! Only several papers in the whole nation carry a republican sentiment, most were converted around the time of the Royal Wedding. I also read recently support for the monarchy in Australia was 60% !! Monarchists in the land down under were fighting an uphill battle throughout the 90's and 2000's. But in the end we won

  8. I'm a bit late in responding here but I must say I watched virtually all of the TV coverage here in England and, with hours of wonderful coverage of the celebrations, there was less than 10 seconds given to the little group of miseries who decided to have a little protest (about what?? A little fit of jealousy, no doubt, but no one paid them any attention). Look at the crowds on the banks of the Thames, all along the route from the cathedral to the palace, and outside the palace itself...Add to that the red, white and blue and the countless celebrations throughout the country...No wonder the little tiny group of moaners received only 10 seconds of coverage and were largely seen as ridiculous. God save the Queen!

  9. These "Rants" are great stuff! I'm attempting to read the entire site through (quite a bit larger than I originally thought). I was almost immediately convinced by the monarchist argument, except there doesn't seem to be any way to get there from here, so I guess I remain, like Pearl of Tyburn above, an "Old Believer" republican. The best I can figure is our Constitution was supposed to stand as our monarch, which we are to protect,obey and defend. Unfortunately, it's been progressively ignored and discarded to the point where the traitor moron W could pronounce it a "goddam piece of paper", and there it lies, with about the same chance of being restored as Charles I. There's a lot of good people in the Anglosphere and they've rallied in the past. Maybe a few more good whacks with the whiner's two-by-fours will wake us up a real leader, or maybe we need to water the tree again. Either way seems good to me.


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