Saturday, June 23, 2012

Images Page

Just a notice, as promised, that I will soon be changing out the new "Images" page which, for little more than a week now, has had a Hungarian flavor to it. No one commented on the premier of this new addition so I don't know if anyone particularly likes it or not but, for the time being anyway, I will keep it up. The change out will probably happen on Tuesday since I still find myself trying to fill the void left by "Off-Topic Tuesday" which caused so much trouble. However, simple pictures have been known to cause trouble too (at least for me) and the upcoming change may prompt some eye rolls as the current batch of Hapsburgs in Hungarian regalia will be replaced by the always controversial House of Bonaparte. As Veronica used to say, mind the change of pace and tone!


  1. Keep the images. It is nice to be able to study them a bit longer than is given on the videos.

    Any rulers of Italian city-states in the line-up?

    1. Not so far, unless one counts the Princes of Monaco but that's something to think about going forward. Some of them have been recently on my mind as I've been reading up for the next papal profile.

  2. I look forward to it then!

  3. I like the images. But then, I liked "Off-Topic Tuesday," too.


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