Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mad Motivation

For those who havn't noticed, there is now a link on the sidebar where one can find all the Shameless Plugs and Mad Motivation posters on the blog. It is under the link "Ministry of Propaganda" which I thought was a little more humorously honest than something Orwellian like "Truth" or "Information".


  1. well, I guess I stand corrected. You put down everyone in your country. I thought I had seen in your writings a more conservative bent, but I guess it was more of a "let's give ourselves back to the Monarchy" bent.

  2. One picture of a guy who was absolutely crying out to be made fun of and suddenly I'm putting down "everyone" in my country. Try reading the blog and you will see more than a "conservative bent" (certainly more than the Bushies ever displayed). What you will not see is any call for giving "ourselves back to the Monarchy". Just who is "us" there and what monarchy do you imagine going back to?

    I am constantly amazed at how many people can come to a blog called "The Mad Monarchist" which is dripping with the most outright reactionary sentiments and still be "shocked" when they find (gasp) support for monarchy and opposition to republics and politicians.

  3. It's scary that Obama was put in office by popularity. It tells you where this country is heading. You do not have to worry about this under a monarchy.

  4. With Bush it was certainly a case of "what you see, is what you get"!


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