Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mad Rant: Willful Ignorance

The socialists are back in power in France (who knew they had ever left?), in the UK the ruling coalition has taken a drubbing with some minor parties making gains but Labour seems to have come out of it the best and, for the first time I’m aware of since the war there are actually Neo-Nazis serving in a European government with the winning of a few seats in Athens by the “Golden Dawn” party. History has shown that, in past times of great economic hardships, non-mainstream parties can make considerable gains. Well, actually, they do not often make considerable gains but at the very least they can gain a higher profile than ever before. In the United States it was the Great Depression that saw the rise of the “Red Scare”, the Silver Shirt Legion and later the German-American Bund. Most people would be aghast by this I would think, but it is only a symptom of the disease that is more frightening. The most frightening thing, as I see it, and it makes me positively want to pull by hair out, is that no one has learned a single thing from this economic crisis. Sure, some are saying the right things, but that minority was saying the same things before this disaster, some even predicted it in minute detail.

Europe (and the United States) is in financial crisis because governments have spent far more than they have. More than that, they have spent more than they can ever hope to pay back in the future and have made promises to pay hordes of people that they can never keep. The political class (and they are a class with most major parties pursuing almost exactly the same policies) have effectively used the democratic process to buy the votes of the people to get themselves in power by promising all sorts of government programs and whenever something goes wrong they call on the masses to vote them even more power so they can solve the very problems they themselves created. The people then complain when the economy fails, they complain when politicians do not seem to be accountable, that they get away with horrible corruptions and so on and so forth but they never, EVER even try to use that blob of gray matter in their half-empty skulls to look at the situation and realize that THEY are the ones who voted for these people, that THEY are the ones who demanded all the freebies and the handouts and sold their vote to the politicians who promised to deliver them.

The fact of the matter is that the people of our modern world have not grasped the simple, obvious fact that any idiot with half a brain should be able to see: that they are not the victims here, THEY are the problem! They did this to themselves and they refuse, even now, to accept the reality of the situation that surrounds them. Look at France; the “conservative” government in succession to every government that came before them, spent France into ruin, gaining votes doing it, and when the money runs out the public votes for a party that has promised to spend even more. And don’t tell me that Sarkozy was some sort of radical in cutting back government spending. He proposed very, very minor cuts years in the future, nothing real, nothing now and nothing that would have any major impact. Greece is an even better example. The politicians got fat promising the people a freed ride and the people willingly voted them into power again and again. The public trough runs dry and the Germans offer to bail them out but they have to cut back. So, the government does, like the addict who will agree to anything to get their next fix. But, then the public riots because they don’t want anything to be cut. Do they want to leave the Eurozone and escape their foreign masters? No. They just want the money, no strings attached, so that the free ride may continue. They blame the politicians while never taking into account that it was they who voted in those politicians and who kept them in office all the while this problem was festering.

I would like to think that some peoples somewhere have gotten the message, have woken up and recognized the reality that surrounds them, but I just don’t see it. Where the people have voted out one party and voted in another they don’t seem to be making any connection between the party and the policies (though to be fair, they are usually much the same). No, it doesn’t matter what the policies are, they simply vote out the party in power because they happened to be unlucky enough to be sitting in government when the bills came due. In most cases, there is not a great deal of difference between the policies of one party versus another. Some people recognize this and complain about it but they never seem to take into account that there is a reason why big parties got to be big in the first place and why they resort to sleazy, underhanded, dishonest tactics in holding on to power. Because it works. Because the people reward them with lucrative public office. I hear British people complain loudly about how much they hate both the Tories and the Labour Party and their grip on power. WELL STOP VOTING FOR THEM THEN!

The sheer volume of willful ignorance, of voluntary amnesia and utter stupidity being displayed positively staggers the imagination. I nearly blew a blood vessel a while back listening to the tirade of abuse on a British television show toward someone who dared to defend the residual powers of the monarchy. One panelist snidely asked if the person in question (Peter Hitchens) would be better pleased if Britain was ruled by the monarchy again. Like that’s an absurd notion. I could have punched out the screen! I wanted to shout, “LOOK AT THE MESS AROUND YOU IDIOT!” To add to my mental anguish, this same person had just been complaining endlessly about how terrible the government was, what a bunch of corrupt, incompetent hypocrites they are, completely oblivious to the fact that it was all done by ELECTED leaders! Considering what they have done, there is not a doubt in my mind that if HM the Queen was suddenly empowered to dissolve Parliament and rule in her own right, she couldn’t possibly do worse than the elected leaders even if she tried. I think my head is going to explode. How on earth can people complain and complain and moan and groan about how terrible their elected leaders are and then still support making the House of Lords electoral?

Just what is it going to take? That’s a terribly frightening thought for me. How bad are things going to have to get before people realize that you cannot get something for nothing? I’ve never been more tempted to just give up and watch civilization go down in flames. Because this is it folks. This is IT! We are passing the point of no return. We are passing the point when we could just barely avoid a collapse so massive it will make the Great Depression look like the “good ol’ days”. Because “we the people” (who are always right and never wrong of course) have not grasped the fact that the world cannot be made perfect and that no amount of legislation can take away all pain, suffering or mild discomfort. The way the world has been run has obviously not worked out, has it? If people don’t get that yet, I don’t know what it is going to take because this the end. Anyone with eyes should be able to see it, everything is unfolding right in front of us. The Visigoths are riding over the seventh hill and yet, “we the people” remain astonishingly, criminally, willfully ignorant. And I remain … The Mad Monarchist.


  1. The problem is cognitive dissonance. We all know that the Elected Politicians are horrible and that the system doesn't work, but the ideal of Democracy is so engrained in us, as is the idea that Monarchy is bad, that we sot of create two versions of it. one is the ideal and how it should be, and the other is the Reality and how it is. We just delude ourselves into thinking that our imaginary perfect s Democracy is the True nature of Democracy and its the current idiots who mucked it up, but get rid of them and make us more democratic and all problems will be solved.

    its a Religion problem, Democracy has become a central tenet to modern Religion.

    1. True, and it is proving persistent even though it is obviously a more irrational, ridiculous and clearly false religion than even, say, "scientology". That's why I say "wilfull ignorance". I can't believe people could be so stupid unless they just choose to be.

    2. Since life appeared about 500 million years ago, none of them applied democracy in their society. Democracy simply is incompatible with the natural ways of things. It is a beautiful dream where green grass shoots out from the ground all year long and meat grows from trees, a place where bambi can love a lion and vice versa.

  2. The Fact is that the masses have become addicted to stealing from the productive class and they elect politicians who will keep stealing and give the money to their parasitic voters in return for perpetual power. With no heed paid to the fact that the Nation is being spent into ruin.

    While responsible Citizens see the writing on the Wall and will do their best to Soften, avoid, or survive the Crash of Democratic Socialism that has gripped our countries, too many remain on the Governments payroll.

    However, countries with a Strong Monarchy are either A: Not is this position or B: when the cry comes out for someone to "Fix It" the nation will already have a capable leader in its Monarch, unlike other Nations (Greece) which sits on the very real possibility of Collapse and Civil War.

    Once again democracy has failed, but maybe this time we can pull some sane aristocracy or monarchical authority out of the ashes.

    1. I hope so, but I worry that too much power has been concentrated in the hands of the political class to ever get it back again. This is not like the past where populations had access to most of the same weapons as the government. Those in power today have arsenals which would allow a very few to control everyone. In my case, I have assets, I have land that produces things everyone needs so, I might be able to get through it okay, but on the other hand, what's to stop the government from just taking it all?

    2. Isn't that a sad commentary in the world we live in today. That Looters can come in and just take what is rightfully and Lawfully yours!?

      However I reject the notion that a government can keep the "peace" (control) indefinitely, I cite the Yugoslav wars of the 1990's. They had a Modern Army by most standards and we see how long that dragged out.

      If only we had a Guarantor of our rights, a figure who set policy not for good of his/hers political backers, but what was best for the Nation, things like Lower Taxes, less government B.S. and respect of other countries. Sadly I cannot think of such a government, but one would be a Royal idea.

      P.S. I sadly see Greece going up like a crate of TNT soon, so I guess we will see how a Modern Nation States conducts civil strife/insurrection.

  3. Well written, my friend. You have put into words what I could not. The state of the modern world disgusts me, and as you said, the same people who always complain about the corruption of elected governments spit at the very notion of a monarchy. I think what the world needs now, more than anything else, is more authoritarian governments. Because that's the only way to solve this mess. And, of course, monarchy is by far the best form of authoritarian government. As Aristotle once said, "Monarchy is the only form of government where power is exercised for the good of all."

    1. I'm afraid that's the way things will go -towards authoritarian governments, but not towards monarchy. I'm afraid people will just go on voting the politicians more and more power to solve everything until we have every aspect of our lives regulated and regimented by communist dictator or a remote clique of godless pencil-pushers.

    2. You seem to know your Aristotle, so you might find this clown a little bit interesting:

  4. Time to convert to the true Faith and do penance.

    1. Amen. But one has to repent first and I just don't see that happening. People complain about the politicians who never apologize but the people themselves seem pathologically incapable of saying, 'we made a mistake' and amend their ways accordingly.

  5. Impressive commentary !

    Look, almost all people in Western countries
    are influenced by little devils.

    It is NOT lack of intelligence as much as
    a certain diabolical disorder of their brains!

    Remember Sister Lucia of Fatima mentioned
    this concept way back when she was still
    the original Sister Lucia [!] - not the hoax
    imposter who did not even faintly resemble the
    real nun and visionary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.
    She termed this spiritual disease of making
    mistakes 99 percent of the time - such as
    all these 'politicians' absolutely DO -
    "diabolical disorientation".

    It means they robotically follow the Devil's promptings
    and shrug off any pretense of trying to please God or obey and law of His.

    Never will they think to pray and find out what
    is the WILL of Heaven on any given matter !

    When a person or an entire country doesn't respect God, neither will these have respect for a monarch.

    Rather, they mock Empires, Kings, etc. The rabble rule !
    That translates as,
    the devil has a field day destroying the fabric
    of most countries' economic and moral lives.

    Few people or countries are strong or independent enough to stand up
    and refuse to fall into line with the policies of "the in crowd" [which always equal the
    demands of the Devil].

    Monarchists are among the few today
    who have a backbone and try to stick to what is eternally RIGHT.

    So columns like this encourage all to keep up
    the fight against evil.

    1. A supernatural explanation would make just as much sense at this point than any other. I'm at a loss to explain it any other way. When you consider what the world has gone through since the French Revolution, I at least have to wonder, if people don't "get it" at this point, just what is it going to take?

  6. It really is maddening. The masses absolutely freaked out over slight (really, surprisingly slight) cuts to the state gravy train in the form of not-quite-so-austere "austerity" measures and voted back in the first politicians to promise that everything could go back to exactly the way it was. The problem is that they have simply run out of money, the whole model has proven to be unsustainable, and whether the masses and the political class choose to live in willful ignorance or not, the day of reckoning is already here and they will be forced to deal with it one way or another.

    I just really hope the Greek and French people have been enjoying this worldwide Great Recession, because they've both effectively voted to allow it to continue indefinitely. These are two countries that already had stagnant growth and unemployment rates well in the double digits even in the "boom" times, pre-2007, so its not like they were all that healthy to begin with.

    The extortionist tax rates on the rich that Hollande is proposing make even less since in France than they would in, say, the US, considering the open borders of the EU and its allied countries make it possible for the wealthy to basically just move over the border to a more hospitable country (Andorra, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, etc.). When the government decides to punish something through punitive taxes (tobacco, alcohol, gas guzzling vehicles), the result is that society has less of whatever is taxed. So, if they decide they want to penalize the wealthy, the result will be the same, they will have less wealthy people to tax - they will pack up and move out.

    One of the good things that you can say about unlimited democracy is that it does tend to give the people exactly the government they deserve, and it looks like that's exactly what has happened.

  7. Thank God I am not the only person who sees this. I've been fighting an uphill battle against fellow Conservatives who believe the revisionist nonsense spewed by their early American History classes. One liberal I know says that Democracy is the worst system except for all the others. I beg to disagree. Democracy IS the problem. No other system can, as a culture put a pistol to its head and pull the trigger.

    The Way I see it, our only option is not reform. As it stands, we are unable to fix this mess as long as the illusion of Democracy remains masked. My suggestion is to hold our place, and wait for the entire applecart to collapse, for society to fall apart, and then hope for a class of Warrior-Kings to put it back together again.

    1. Th main problem is that if society collapses a scapegoat will be found and the brainwashed masses will still insist that Democracy is the answer,and try to rebuild a Democratic society. We will have to wait till the next two generations pass away before Monarchy is considered unless something drastic happens.

  8. This is true, sir. I agree with you. After many years of good propaganda people think that Democracy is the only way to go. Children in schools are taught that all people are equal, and all people should have a say in determining the country's policies. Monarchy is rarely mentioned except for history lessons, which make children thinking that Monarchy belongs to the past and has no place in a modern society. In the media, monarchy is either shown as a fairy tale or equated with tyranny. Our problem is that many people take only what the school and media serves them. They still believe that Churchill's quote "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." is true, while it's obviously not. To effectively restore a true monarchy, people's mentality needs to change. We, monarchists, have to DO something. Your blog is a very good example of DOING something. We have to stand above conflicts such as dynastic disputes, unite and help each other. And tell people the truth: that radical Socialism is counterproductive, that Democracy is an illusion and we are cheated all the time by selfish and/or stupid politicians. The financial problem of Greece is a good example today. King Constantine would never do such thing to his people, but they people let the politicians do it by voting for them.
    I'm sure that altough our battle may seem to be an uphill battle right now, monarchy will rise once more. There will be new royal families and many old ones will return to power. Democracy without any control commits suicide sooner or later. It may happen in our lifetime or in our grandchildren's lifetime. We have to DO something to make it happen as soon as possible.

  9. Whoa, this is the best Mad Rant that I have read since stumbling upon this site. I am no fully convinced that democracy is a failed experiment. It can work for some countries and it just doesn't work for others because of some semblance of human nature. However, I am beginning to become more and more appalled by these so called democracies that espouse themselves as democratic, when in reality they do not practice what they preach about have fair and inclusive elections. It takes me back to what the Ex governor Jesse Ventura once said... It would be a real revolution if the people were able to vote on the ballot "Non Of The Above". Because after hearing on this site that the Greek Republican authorities, in order to keep their GRIP on power made it possible for the monarchist parties not to be on the ballot in this election was appalling and by logical and definition standards "undemocratic". Now I believe monarchies should be restored where they were unrightfully replaced and republics should stay where there has always been on by tradition. I am tired of hearing people... especially communist pinkos who likes to tell everyone that the world would be a better place if every country can be a functioning democracy if it were a Republic or my favorite "Monarchy is Archaic". If some of these people had bother study more instead falling into the cracks of unoriginal thought, they would know full well that democracy is more archaic than the latter. It is quite funny to look at those who talk about how the people of countries like Iran or North Korea are brainwashed, however they really need to take a look at the man in the mirror and realize that you are as much brainwashed as they are. People still believe that freedom is guaranteed to them when in all actuality freedom is in you essence. It is sad to see that since French had their sill revolution, which did not change anything... the rest of the world with their goofy doofy ideologies has not really done much for people in the past 221 years and so on but cause much stupider conflicts, two world wars, a weak ol cold war with two massive countries menacing other countries with their half step ideology and now... dun duh duh... TERRORISM/ECONOMIC DECLINE. Where do we truly go from here, I ask myself!

  10. e go the way Rome did, imnto gradual declin. The fsll wi be sudden but the impact wont' be felt instantly.


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