Friday, January 28, 2011

Mad Monarchist Salute: Portugal

Recently, blog member down-under the Radical Royalist reported on the recent presidential election in Portugal, which was actually a victory of sorts for the tireless, determined Portuguese monarchists. They had called for a boycott of the elections to demonstrate a rejection of the republican system or, to make a more obvious statement, to invalidate the ballots by writing “I want a king” across the page. It seems to have worked. A combination of monarchist campaigning and apathy and frustration with the political class in Portugal resulted in 5,139,583 out of 9,631,222 registered voters boycotting the election or invalidating their ballots by calling for a monarch. Only 40.4% of the Portuguese participated compared to 59.6% who did not -an obvious “vote” of no-confidence in the republican government and the current crop of politicians running the country.

In a way, this is not surprising given the well known extent of the economic crisis in Portugal which many are expecting to go the way the way of Greece due to the huge debts and massive entitlements in Portugal. People from all walks of life are fed up and very few of any political persuasion are happy with the situation. However, that in no way detracts from the great credit due to Portuguese monarchists for their constant efforts to argue, educate and claim the attention of the public toward the restoration of their venerable monarchy. Finding ways to grab public attention can sometimes be more than half the battle these days and the Portuguese monarchists have done that in a harmless but powerfully symbolic way with the use of flags. In 2009, during the night, Portuguese monarchists swapped the municipal flag on the city hall for the old blue and white flag of the Kingdom of Portugal. In 2010 they did the same to mark the birthday of the heir to the Portuguese throne, taking down the green-red republican national flag and putting up a huge blue-white flag in its place in Edward VII Park in downtown Lisbon.

At a time when ‘group think’ seems to be more prevalent than ever, and so many seem apathetic on virtually any subject that does not immediately effect their own person, it is heartening to see such zeal and energy on the part of monarchists. It also does not hurt that, especially in Portugal, the history of the republic has been a history of turmoil, penury and utter failure which stands in stark contrast to the peak of Portuguese greatness achieved under the monarchy. People need to be made to understand that things do not have to remain the way they are and that, as a kingdom, Portugal was once on the cutting edge of scientific advancement and discovery in the world, that Portugal was once among the wealthiest countries in the world and established the first and most enduring maritime empire on earth. The Portuguese can be justly proud of all of that and the monarchists are working to ensure that such pride is revived, encouraged and used to motivate people to reject republicanism and restore the Kingdom of Portugal. For all of that, they are well deserving of all due credit. Monarchists of Portugal, I SALUTE you!


  1. I hope we have more stories about contemporary monarchist movements seeking to restore monarchy and overturn illegitimate republics.

  2. They do appear bolder than other monarchist movements in Western Europe. I still think Serbia has the best prospects for restoration in the near future, because Alexander is making a strong case for it. But what strategies, tactics, etc can monarchist elsewhere learn from Portugal>

  3. I'd agree there. The Crown Prince has, I think, been the most active non-reigning royal in seeking restoration, advocating the benefits of monarchy and working for himself rather than totally depending on others to do it for him. As for what can be learned from Portugal, of course there is no simple formula, but I would say what example can be followed is in finding ways to get the attention of the public and the media without resorting to criminal methods that would only bring disgrace.

  4. My great congratulations to the monarchists of Portugal. It seems that the Portuguese people are very open to the prospects of monarchy. I find that all Europeans (even the French) are more open to it than in the Americas and Africa, because of the cultural and political influence of the United States, amongst others.

    I would like to know if you, MadMonarchist, have any thoughts on the currently unfolding Egyptian situation. Is there any need for monarchists to concern themselves over any possible outcome there?

  5. Again, I don't see much realistic reason to hope. As I've mentioned before, there has been an upsurge in interest in the monarchy in recent years, but I havn't seen that transfer to real political support on the ground. So far, the rebels seem to be calling for generic liberalism (democracy, freedom, rights etc) and if that is genuine it could at least allow monarchists more of a chance but it is also true that many of those shouting for democracy are basically terrorists that see only a system they can manipulate or dominate.

    On a personal note, just for myself, this has made oil prices shoot up and that's good news for me (probably not so much for most others though).

  6. Aha, in the oil business are we? You should be "information". careful not to give your Monaco stalker so much information.

    Jokes aside, it is true that the Egyptian rebels are calling for generic democracy. Of course the American government is supporting them in a non-committed manner.

    It will be interesting to see how the crisis, like that in Tunisia and Yemen, is affecting the region, and how it will affect the resident monarchies.

  7. Monarchy is not lily on thr Horizon for Tunisia, or EGypt, as both are essentually under the current "Demcoracy is Freedom" spell, and bot ar suppored by the United States and by the United Naitosn in heir quest for Staklility,. whose Governign Philosophy has always been oen fo Increased Dmeocratic Participation.

    On the other hand, Portugal has a good chance of Restoraiton, shoudl the Monarhcsts somehow mabnage to wrench cotnrol frmt he conmen who compose their Political Class.

    Portugal is a Sick Nation, but not as Sick as France , or Italy, or heck even Spain which still has a Monarhcy but that simultanously allows its SOcialist party to outline its Extinction in th name of Progress.

    Of cours the UK is also very, Very sick withthe modernity Disease, and sinking fast into its Quagmire.

    I feet that Russia will however tbe the best hope of a Restoraiton, but Portugal may surprise m and beat it. Which woudl eb a feat given its in the Western World.

    It is certianly something to Support.

  8. The backlash against modernist values is slowly taking shape in Europe and America. Angela Merkel dared to break the taboo last year, which opens up new possibilities.

    And look at Bhutan. They've democratised but reject modernist values outright.

    Today's monarchies serve as symbols of national unity beyond party politics, and the realisation that no such advantages can be enjoyed in a republic, or even in any system whose highest office is subject to any kind of appointment by politicians. The sickness of democracy in the US, where divisive politics are becoming destructive, all while several states have a worse debt crisis than Greece!

  9. This is a great improve in the status of the monarchism in portugal it means that the republican goverment is slowly sinking and the national disent increasing it could lead to the restoration of the kingdom of portugal and with a litle of luck it would be this year.
    it would be a quite interesting to found an personal union betwen the king of portugal and an restorated brazilian empire and why...
    and why not an idea of the reintegration of the former colonies of angola and mozambique sao tome etc as overseas province.
    despite it is very dificult to hapen an restoration of the monarchy in brazil or the reintegration of angola and mozambique i think that it is an interesting idea.
    i would like that the mad monarchist give me his opinion about this idea.
    hi from a monarchist from argentina.

  10. Mozambique is now under the Auspices of Her Majesty The Queen of Great Britain and her Commonwealth Realms, but I would not mind seeing the others restored to their rightful Monarch.

    Personally I think the ld Empires were far better for the World than today’s Globalising nonsense.

  11. I was all for Portugal retaining their overseas colonies and though I can't see it ever happening, I would be thrilled if Portugal could retain them. Right now they're basically colonies of a few oil companies and the Red Chinese. Even Brazil, though there will certainly never be a reunion there, I wish that at least a personal union with the Crown of Portugal could have been maintained. As with Spain and the rest of Latin America, they all would have been so much stronger together than they have been apart.

  12. I don't dispute that monarchist sentiment has grown rapidly in Portugal in the last few years, but how much mainstream media coverage is there within and outside Portugal? I certainly don't see much reported outside Portugal, except from monarchist sources. Apart from very innovative attention-grabbing tactics and electoral protests, what political and educational strategies are there in place? Is forming a monarchist electoral bloc viable, or can this be achieved through monarchist entryism into the mainstream parties.

  13. Portugal was forced to lose it's colonies - and the Red Chinese should return Macao to Lisbon. Timor whose absorption by Indonesia was always illegitimate should have been returned to Portugal and not given precipitous independence by the UN.

  14. I don't know a good deal about Portugals situation internally with its people, but I do know the media there is generally Liberal and highly Bissed, and favours the Democracy Narative, not to mention the EU and other lefty goals.

    So don't expect them to report positivley abotu Monarchy. It will either be ignroed, or seen as a Joke, or seen as a retrograde step and cast in a Negative Light.

  15. I see monarchism is not too weak in the Portugals. But how can this help similar movements in other countries like France Italy and Russia?


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