Tuesday, September 6, 2016

King Harald Goes Full SJW

A few days ago His Majesty King Harald V of Norway gave what the mainstream media has been calling an emotional and heartfelt speech at a garden party at the Royal Palace in Oslo in which he went full blown 'Social Justice Warrior' on the assembled guests. The King managed to touch on just about every contentious issue and came down firmly on the wrong side. He decried national borders, saying "home is where the heart is" and touched all the other multicultural, diversity and tolerance chords. He called for "trust, solidarity and generosity" and said that, "Norwegians are girls who love girls, boys who love boys and boys and girls who love each other. Norwegians believe in God, Allah, everything and nothing" the last of which certainly seems true. As Mark Steyn has said, this is the attitude that 'our only value is that we have no values'. If one turns your ear slightly to the north, you might hear the faint sound of wailing as all the old Vikings in Valhalla howl in grief at what their modern-day descendants have fallen to. The King went full on 'Social Justice Warrior' and his comments fit in perfectly with them in both their content and the fact that they make absolutely no sense whatsoever and are full of contradictions.

After all, if Norwegians love God, as their forefathers certainly did (knights from Norway participated in the Crusades), they certainly would not make room for those who submit to Allah. Likewise, those who, in Norway or anywhere else, believe that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet, gays and lesbians are certainly not the sort they will be prepared to tolerate. In a single speech, the King has essentially erased Norway entirely. If Norway is not a land defined by borders, nor a particular people nor a particular idea even, then what is left for it to be? To say that the Norse believe in everything and thus believe in nothing, is to bring relativism to its ultimate, logical conclusion. It would be nice, of course, in these days of largely ceremonial monarchs, to think that the King was simply giving the speech that his political captors forced him to give, but that seems unlikely for such an occasion as this and it comes at a time when the Norwegian government has moved somewhat, ever so slightly, to the right since 2013 when the Labor Party was finally evicted from office. Opposition to immigration has been on the rise and so, it seems, at least as likely that the King was being rather defiant in his remarks.

Since this speech hit the news, I have been asked several times to respond to it and asked why I have not responded already. Well, I was unprepared for how much of a stir it caused to be honest. I was more disappointed than shocked to hear it. As I have related here in the past, this is the sort of thing that Crown Prince Haakon has been saying for years, going to the ends of the earth to give moral support to people with unnatural proclivities. Anyone remember his visit to show solidarity with the transvestites of Nepal? If not, I assure you that is not a joke, that actually happened. I would have expected such words from him and have long worried what was going to happen when he takes the throne but I had thought the King himself to be more 'normal'. I was disappointed to see this but, again, not that surprised. Royals, as with anyone, cannot be unaffected by their environment, certainly not in Europe which is one reason why I have never been happy with the trend of sending royals to school rather than having private tutors. This is what they have been taught to believe, it is how they have been taught to think, and I feel more pity for them than anything else that they have been so blinded. It also remains to be seen how far they will be willing to go with this suicidal line of thinking.

Norway is not, I assure you, a piece of blank paper. It is a country, it has borders, it has a culture, it has traditions and it has a people. It is not "intolerant" to say so, nor is it "intolerant" to say that those borders matter, that culture is a Christian culture, those traditions are Nordic traditions and those people are Norse people. Norwegians are not Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus, they are not black or brown and they are not interchangeable or replaceable! Norway is beautiful, Norway is noble and its people are the inheritors of a proud legacy. If you encourage lifestyles that prevent them reproducing themselves, if you allow alien elements in to drown them with demography, all of that will be lost. You may still have an area on the map between Sweden and Denmark that is labeled "Norway" but it will not be the land of the Norsemen any longer. All that they are will be destroyed and lost forever. No salvation can be counted on from the colonies, for the same thing is happening in the American Midwest as well. In short, I could not disagree with King Harald more.

No one has asked but I have sensed some curiosity on this point so I will say that, no, this does not mean I will be cheering on the republican traitors in Norway from now on. I think the King is wrong, I think he has been misled and is dangerously mistaken. That does not change the fact that he is the King and he does not nor should not require my consent or approval to remain so. Right now, the monarchy is, as was addressed here not long ago, largely ceremonial and so I would urge Norwegians to simply pray for the King and vote in political leadership that will keep Norway Norwegian and not Arab, Somali or Sudanese. If the King is devoted to the constitution as it stands, he will be obliged to go along with this. If, on the other hand, the Norwegians do the right thing and the King attempts to resist them, I fear he may fall but I would still hope that does not happen. I would hope that loyal people would take him aside, make him see reason or, failing that, appoint a regent to carry on in his name until a more normal state of affairs can return. Treason, after all, is never the right answer and the monarchy is an integral part of the Norwegian culture that must be preserved and defended. My loyalty to the cause of kings has certainly never been dependent on my agreeing with their every position and point of view, otherwise I should have been lost quite a long time ago. No, rather, I say that Norwegians should disregard what King Harald has said, the words of a confused and mistaken monarch, but remain steadfastly loyal to the Crown and show that loyalty by coming to the rescue of their king and royal family from this disastrous way of thinking.
Ja, vi elsker dette landet!


  1. the sjw's have corrupted the mind of his majesty and made him unable to fulfil the role
    of the unbiased leader in parliament all sjw's must be take out and shot

  2. The Zeitgeist of the day is not the fault of royalty or monarchies in question, but certainly of elites who dominate much of Western social, political and cultural life.

    It is why it isn't enough for Britain or any country to get out or stay out of the European Union. Breaking up the EU would in my view also break up the Cultural Marxist nexus holding sway in the West, which has really only become more aggressive since the EU assumed its current form, and not just in Europe but even in the USA and Australia.

  3. I thought people from the previous generation are supposed to be more conservative? And they are also supposed to be wiser.

    I don't know what influenced the king to speak like that. Guess he got influenced by Pope Francis, more interested in defending the immigrants and newcomer rather than his own people. I hope the king come to his senses before it's too late.

    In my opinion, the crown prince is worse than his dad, and we can't depend on him. He is the very definition of a cuck clown, for christ's sake he married a single mother and raise another man's child. That is so progressive...

  4. Thank you for this post, Mad Monarchist.

  5. I fear that the day will come king Harald or his successor will have to learn it the hard way that none of those they try to embrace – Mohammedans, atheists, socialists, “LGBT”-activists etc. – will stand up for the Norwegian monarchy in a crucial moment… Relativism is not a solid foundation, neither in religion, nor in politics.

  6. If memory serves, The Book of Revelation has predicted this.

  7. The are cities underground (a very big one in Sweden) and connacts to Alien races. He is being told to say this, as he is part of a great swindle.

  8. " Norway is not, I assure you, a piece of blank paper. It is a country, it has borders, it has a culture, it has traditions and it has a people. "

    Sir, it sadden me that even Monarchist like you had fallen to Sin of Nationalism.

    Norway had accept King born in Denmark and Sweden before. Poland had accept King born in Germany, France, and Lithuania.

    Polish, Moravian, and Hungarian nobles had serve under Habsburg. Eugene of Savoy born in modern France territory. many German and France born nobles serve Monarchy in Russia.

    so does the people, Polish people serve their King whenever their born. Bohemian people fought for King born in Austria, Germany and Hungary.

    the essence of Monarchy is personal loyalty, not ridiculous loyalty to many modern -isms.

    Thus "Home is where Heart is".

    if Frenchman kneel and swore to serve Swedish Crown and annointed King, who can argue he is not Swedish ? if Frenchman kneel to Habsburg Emperor and declare his loyalty, who can argue he is not Austrian or Hungarians ?

    loyalty to Crown, individual Monarch duty to serve said Crown, and Nobles and Peoples loyalty to said individual is backbone of Monarchy, not filthy Nationalism.

    1. And it saddens me that you would be so disingenuous, because I don't think you're so ignorant as to innocently so misrepresent what I said.

      Nationalism is not "filthy". The "Holy Roman Empire of the German NATION" was not filthy and you know perfectly well that having a monarch of a different nationality is NOT the same thing as saying there are no nationalities or that nationality doesn't matter.

      Norway, ultimately, did not accept a King from Sweden which is why the union was dissolved. They brought in a Danish prince to be their King. They did not bring in the population of Denmark and tell them to go on being Danes in Norway.

      The Greeks, who lived for centuries under Turkish rule did not accept the Turks and say, "well, their home is where their heart is, so this must be their home". No. They said this is our country, for our people, the Turks have no right to it and eventually drove them out. Then they brought in a German king -not a population of Germans.

      Your straw man argument is pitiful. It is also malicious as, again, I don't think you're so ignorant as to not understand the difference between the Saxon invasions of England and its consequences and the marriage of the Queen of England to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. You know the difference as well as anyone with half a brain and it's a difference as wide as the Grand Canyon.

  9. SJWs are to the left what neo-nazies are to the right. It is my (sincere) hope that they unconvert from their toxic cult of identity-politics soon.

  10. Hey MM, There is something about Norway and the Norwegian monarchy I'd like to discuss with you, but I think it is too long to put here. Would you mind if I commented an email address that you could reach me at? (I'm not going to ask for you to post yours since I'm sure there are people you don't want to find it, even though I think I could guess if I really wanted to)

  11. Sorry, but what is this GUYS? He's one of the worlds most beloved head of stat, and you go all hate on him? Do I really have to defend my own king against my own brothers in faith? I can't believe it!

    You know our history, so why are you surprised? Or may be you don't. May be you don't remember that the King himself is not of Norwegian origin, that our borders with Sweden and Denmark has always been blurry. That Christianity came late and that the pagan faith still colors the everyday life of Norwegians? That the Norwegian society already is hard enough for Norwegians? The suicide rates are sky high, we do not need more hate.

    And you Sir are mistaken. When the King says Norwegians, he's talking about the 5 million of us, his children, in all different ways and walks of life. Not the nationality printed in our passport, not the borders of his kingdom. It make me sad to see that too many monarchist fall into this South-European habit of nationalism, as our dear Haakon 7. was fighting it, side by side with the communist back in the WWII. Monarchism is not nationalism, nor does it need to be old-fashion and rigid.


    And nota bene, we do believe in "The (Holly) Universe" (Altet) not "everything" (alt).

    1. A) No one is 'hating on' the King, certainly not me. I'm disagreeing with him, stop being hysterical.
      B) If pagan Norway is so miserable that you're offing yourselves in record numbers why import people from statistically violent societies? Too lazy to kill yourselves so bring in cheap foreign labor to do it for you?
      C) If anyone can be Norwegian, why is the King only talking about 5 million "of us"? You cannot have an "us" without a "them" so you're contradicting yourself here.
      D) It makes me sad that liberals like you still have your smug sense of superiority over "South-European" people. You seem ready to embrace everyone else, why not them?
      E) If suicide rates are sky high among "his children", shouldn't the King be more concerned with his dying children than with people on other continents?

  12. I personally disagree with what the King had said, but I still have a huge amount of respect for him. As for the stasis of Norway, the country is not a member-state of the European Union and she is no where close to the demographic crisis that we call Sweden. Norwegians still remain the largest group of people within the country (around 88%) and the government of Erna Solberg is conservative on immigration, they aren't even afraid to deport. Regardless, I personally hope that Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway will be a more conservative Queen.


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