Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MM Video: Q&A #5


  1. Thank you for your timely response – there are no such ceremonial events in the States, as far as I know; and they really shouldn’t be equated with plays or the like, to which I was referring. (And yes, you pronounced the name right – it’s unique, what can I say?)

    In response to another question: If Mexicans can’t stomach an Emperor, why not a Tlatoani? Whereas the Mexican Emperors have been demonized by the Mexican government, they have overtly deified the Aztecs. The House of Moctezuma de Tultengo currently resides in Spain – would it have a better chance at restoration?

    1. All true but his being from Spain is the problem. The family has been there for centuries at this point and there is a huge amount of anti-Spanish bias in Mexico. Even Spanish companies that do business in Mexico prompt cries of colonialism. I'm sure the anti-Spanish crowd would also argue that the Aztec blood was bred out of the House of Montezuma many generations ago. Still, he'd probably have as much a chance as anyone.


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