Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite Royal Images: Romanian Princess

HRH Princess Ileana of Romania


  1. Not quite as ravishing as her mother, but quite the looker all the same!

  2. I have it theorized she would have/could have married Tsarevich Alexis had he survived. They apparently bonded as children when he traveled with the Imperial Family family to Romania on the aborted talks to marry Olga to Prince Carol.

  3. Is she Marie & Ferdinand's daughter? Quite a pretty young woman, no matter.

  4. Her vocation lay elsewhere; like her Aunt Ella (St. Grand Duchess Elizabeth), she traded the gowns of royal life for the habit of a nun, and as Mother Alexandra, founded Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Ellwood City, PA, where she is buried near the monument she erected to the Martyrs of Romania under the Communist persecutions. Many hope that she, too, will one day be added to the Orthodox Calendar of Saints.

    I found it quite startling to be standing in the narthex of the monastery chapel on the beautiful oriental carpet which, the current Abbess told me, was given to Her Imperial and Royal Highness by her Godfather, Tsar Alexander III.


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