Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Vacation

I will be trying to take some time off for a while. Long-time readers will know I have not done this before, but there are personal things to deal with, Christmas coming up and after that a pretty steady stream of visitors till the New Year. So, rather than trying to scramble to keep on schedule, I thought it best to just take a little break this year. Now, just because I'm saying this now does not mean I will be able to stick to it. Sometimes I have the urge to "vent" and cannot help myself, but I am going to try to and will hopefully have time to get caught up with some future articles and get done a few new things before the end of the year that have become rather customary (like the year-in-review, which can be a chore, but I like to do). I also have some side-projects going on that I would like to finish up without having other things taking precedence. So, we will see how long I can manage to stay away but, rest assured, I will be back and hopefully with some better new articles and new ideas and such. As always, feel free to check the archives to catch up on anything you might have missed, I thank you all for reading, checking in and I wish you all a very happy Christmas. I appreciate your support and your patience. God bless. -MM

1 comment:

  1. I wish for nothing more than for you to have a Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year. The same goes for all the readers here.


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