Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Prospects for France

Today, the French citizenry voted in their first round of presidential elections and, as expected, the so-called "centrist" Emmanuel Macron finished in first place and the so-called "far-right" candidate Marine Le Pen coming in second. The two will next face each other in "round two" for the big prize of the presidency of the Fifth French Republic. At this point, obviously, nothing definitive has been decided. It is obvious that French voters are tired of "business as usual" and so have chosen two candidates from outside of the usual political parties who have held a monopoly on power in France, pretty much since after World War II. However, it is also obvious that the French public is extremely divided. Macron and Le Pen could hardly be more different. One is a nationalist who wants to put a halt on all further immigration to France, while the other is an internationalist who thinks borders are meaningless and nationality is a thing of the past. One wants to take France out of the European Union while the other used to work for the European Union and is firmly for staying. The upcoming "round two" election will be one of 'Marine Le Pen' versus the ruling global elite.

However, for being such seeming opposites, Macron and Le Pen do have at least a few similarities. Both are nominal Catholics but effectively secularists. The most that can be expected in differentiating the two on that point is that Le Pen seems less likely to attack the traditional faith of France outright but neither can be expected to defend it. They largely hold the same opinions on what Americans at least call the "social issues", both being basically pro-gay, pro-abortion and so on. They are also both skeptical of NATO with Le Pen talking of taking France out of the alliance and coming to an agreement with Russia while Macron would prefer to have European Union military force take over the job of defending the continent. So, Macron would not be such a great change on that front, for whereas Le Pen wants to leave NATO and the EU, Macron simply wants to replace the NATO flag for that of a militarized EU. This puts Le Pen firmly at odds with the trans-Atlantic internationalists. You can easily tell who the ruling class wants people to be afraid of by how they are described in the media. Le Pen, who wants France to be first and foremost for the French, is called the "far-right" candidate, while Macron, a former member of the Socialist Party who nonetheless claims to be neither left nor right, is called the "centrist" candidate.

We have also seen obvious efforts to tilt the scales in favor of Macron such as the last-minute closing of thousands of Le Pen supporters Facebook accounts (a "mistake" the company has claimed) and the sending of double ballots to French citizens abroad who are expected to vote for Macron rather than Le Pen. All of this along with a flood of negative media coverage that tries to portray Le Pen as little less than a Nazi and Macron as a stable, brilliant, boy-genius untainted by the political process. Neither have held elected office before but, of course, for Le Pen this is portrayed as a negative but for Macron it is a positive. Although it has faded somewhat since President Trump decided to lob a few missiles at Syria, there were also preliminary efforts to de-legitimize a potential Le Pen win by warning of Russian efforts to "interfere" in the election. Given that former U.S. President Obama voiced public support for Macron, I have no doubt the Russians would prefer a Le Pen victory but to say so would be "interference" and "undermining" the election. Obama showing support for Macron or his previous warning to Britain not to leave the EU is, of course, not seen as interfering at all.

If the polls are to be believed, unfortunately in my view, this is working since they currently show Le Pen likely to lose by quite a large margin in the second round of voting. In truth, she was always a rather long shot, and this "populist" wave that has had the globalists in such a panic, has never been so sweeping as many would like to believe. "Brexit" was a win but not by a very wide margin. Austria was a loss, Italy was a win but it remains to be seen if anything will come of that. In the Netherlands, Wilders came close but ultimately the Dutch voted as their betters told them to and no one has ever expected Alternative for Germany to have any real electoral success. The victory of Donald Trump was what sent the globalists into hysterics in the first place and yet, lately, he has totally reversed course on most things that sent them calling for the smelling salts. No "Muslim ban", no trade war with China, no friendship with Russia and NATO went from being "obsolete" to essential with a single utterance. The point is that Le Pen has a very up-hill struggle ahead of her and those who want to keep France French will have to fight harder than they've ever fought before if they want to squeak out a win. All the odds are against it.

Of course, the odds were against St Joan of Arc too but, despite some very talented artwork, Marine Le Pen is no Joan of Arc, which is part of the problem. I do not want to discourage anyone, were I a French citizen I would be voting for Le Pen without hesitation, however, the best that can be hoped for from her is buying time or, to put it another way, stop things from becoming any worse. This is because, as I have said before (The Root of the Current French Crisis -please read it if you haven't already), only a repudiation of the French Revolution and all that goes with it can truly save France. After a traditional monarchy that lasted a thousand years, France has had five republics, none of which have lasted more than a century. Legitimate authority must cease to be subject to the public whim of the mob, the faith, values and culture of France must be embraced and defended, the sacred bloodline of French kings must be restored and to be French must be defined by blood rather than mere citizenship documents. This republican nonsense has been tried. My God, it's been tried *five times* and continues to fail! It does NOT work and it doesn't work because it is an unnatural contrivance built on silly, idealistic slogans and pandering to a mob that wants the impossible. At this point, most French people don't even know who they are or what their country is.

St Joan of Arc, an illiterate peasant girl, knew who she was and she knew what France was. She knew that France was for the French and not for the English. She knew that France had to have a king and who that king had to be. She knew that the true culture of France was a Christian, Frankish, Gallic culture and not an Islamic, Arab or African culture. The majority of the most highly educated people in France today are unable to grasp what that simple, uneducated peasant girl in the Middle Ages knew instinctively. This is what the Revolution has done to France. She knew that it was her duty to expel the invaders from her country and yet, she knew that it was even more fundamental to the survival of France to see the Dauphin, Charles VII, properly crowned King. Today, while I hope the French can recapture that "Spirit of the Marne" that prevailed in 1914, the invaders of today are not the Germans. The supporters of Le Pen are at least aware enough to know that they are being invaded, that they are being displaced, as a people and as a culture, yet as long as they remain bound to the republic and the legacy of the Revolution with all the accompanying "equality" and "brotherhood of man" idiocy, they will never be able to truly put a stop to this destructive cycle of one republican failure after another and the ultimate eradication of the French as a people, as a distinct nationality. That cannot be allowed to happen for the world would be a far darker place forever if it did.


  1. Le Pen is clearly the lesser of two evils, but I agree she's not going to save France. European civilisation can only be saved by rejecting liberalism in its entirety. Le Pen is a liberal so she's not going to do that.

    Perhaps this is not the right election for the FN to win. If Macron is a disaster they might have a real chance next time, hopefully with Marion Le Pen as leader.

    1. From what I've seen Marion Le Pen does seem farther in the right direction than her aunt. Still not what will permanently solve things, but farther along anyway.

    2. They are both fascists and Marine comes from a former nazi party. Though I obviously hate Macron, Le Pen would be a disaster.

    3. If you look at the links between big government and big business, if you look at the steady growth of state power, if you look at the increasingly oppressive policies of the eurocrats, and the increasingly harsh treatment of dissidents, then it's probably fair to say that Europe already has a form of fascism. You could even say that Le Pen is the least fascist of all the candidates.

  2. Hello, Mad Monarchist.

    I'm french, with algerian origins (But I don't hate France, except what this country became today, even if I have great respect for true islamic culture: my father's heritage and tradition) Even if I am a mixed-blood, and even if I plan to live in another country, I think that you're right: multiculturalism is a lie. (Even if, as Ungern did, exceptional people can live in another culture, with the will to hold two cultures in the same time)

    I like your blog, and I agree with a lot of your ideas. I am myself monarchist, and "perennialist" (I advise you, if you don't know him, to read René Guénon, he was a french metaphysician and writer who did a lot for what he calls "Tradition", you may like him, even if he considers modern western world as an abnormal civilization. He is the one who transformed me, from an atheist internationalist to a pious defender of traditions)

    Also, as you like Ungern, I recommand you to check about Jules Brunet, an imperial french soldier who fought with last samurais, in the last mounths of shogunate. Maybe the story of this man could interest you.

    Well, I wanted to say this, about french elections:

    Macron is a puppet, exactly as Cliton was. He is supported by all corporations and powerful people linked to mass medias and who support European Union and globalization. In France, we call him "Rothschild's dog", because he was a banker in R. bank. He is the paroxysmal incarnation of the internationalism. He was supported by mass media, to the extend that it became indecent, and without any subtility.
    Having this man against le Pen is the worst thing I could imagine, because

    Le Pen is, it is true, seductive in lot of things. But she is also a puppet. Her father had probably true ideas, and wanted the greater good for France. But believe me, le Pen is not the providential person you describe. She lies she use hate against Islam to seduce, and hide all other real problems as European Union behind this, because in fact, she doesn't want to change or restore whatever. Last week, she
    Le Pen family is used since decades to gathering people who dispute the miserable situation of France today, and to make them unable to be effective. In France, we had also a political movement named "The Dissidence". During years, it brought hope to people who fought against the "sect of murderers", but it was also a lie... Leaders who sided with le Pen were all corrupted, as the humorist Dieudonné, or Alain Soral, who sided with internationalist dogs...
    The Front National is completly corrupted today, and there is I think two "FN": ¨People's FN, with french people who really wants to save their country, and the le Pen's FN, with little bourgeois more interested by their legacy than their country, infiltrated by gay lobby, satanic agents and traitors. The first group is manipulated by the second...
    I don't think she is worse than Macron, but she has nothing good. She is like Trump, in fact.
    She is not the friend of monarchy, in my opnion, but a scarecrow, wich gather dissident people in a trap, and make other people vote for "the system".

    I am truly sorry to say this, but FN is a lie, and an illusion. Even if le Pen becomes president, France will not be better.

    1. My apologizes, I just realize I didn't finished some sentences.

      "Having this man against le Pen is the worst thing I could imagine, because of course lot of people will vote for Macron with the ridiculous propaganda that will be done with the so-called fight against hate and "fascism""

      "Last week, she changed some parts of her program to be more accepted. She doesn't actually want to quit European Union, and betrayed lot of her values."

      I will finish with a simple question. Dear M.M., is there a way to contact you to discuss and exchange opinions ? I would like to.

      Thank you.

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    1. Then doing nothing is probably the right thing for you to do. When France becomes majority Islamic (it's already a quarter Islamic and if trends continue they will be a majority before the century is out) I am sure abortion will be illegal and gays will probably be put to death. So, your position makes sense at least, the French won't exist anymore but your paramount concerns will be resolved.

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    3. Again, that makes sense, concede by refusing to contest it, true to form.

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    6. I wasn't being angry, nor lacking in charity. In fact, I complimented you on at least making an understandable point about your priorities. Of course, if you're worried about being angry or uncharitable, perhaps answers that include 'shouting' in all-caps might confuse people. I didn't assume you were French, I'm not French either, I don't have a drop of Gallic blood in my veins though I have an aunt and some cousins who are and their religious views don't make me any less attached to them.

      As for your questions, you're going into fairyland very far and very fast with all of your strawman arguments. I'll take this step by step (so I don't get lost):

      "Suppose Marine Le Pen wins. Suppose her anti-life and anti-chastity positions get put into practice."
      Okay, then nothing changes on the abortion or chastity front because none of the other candidates were different in either case.

      "Please tell me how this will NOT lead to the French diminishing in number where Macron winning will, especially if the so-called "right" support her because she belongs to the FN."
      It won't. I never argued that it would. LePen cannot have babies for people. As far as population decline goes, neither can force French people to have more babies. As for "especially if the so-called "right" supports her because she belongs to the FN" -I have no idea what you mean by that. Who are you talking about supporting her just because she belongs to FN? FN supporters? Well, yeah, of course they support her for that very reason. The Republicans? Then no, every mainstream party has long put a 'cordon sanitaire' around the FN and vowed never to work with them. The supposed Catholic champion, Fillon, has urged his followers to vote for Macron.

      "Please tell me how this will NOT make France vulnerable to foreign enemies coming in and taking over (due to the diminishing of the native population), where Macron winning will."
      It will "NOT" because LePen has said she will stop all immigration into France, so no foreign enemies will be coming in at all and in this imaginary scenario of yours, she would be able to do it since you said at the outset she gets to have her way. Macron wants to go on letting those foreign enemies into the country. So neither will do anything about the decline in the French population, unless you think the government should support native French families which LePen has vowed to do, saying that French families should get government assistance first before any foreign-born families do. She can't have babies for them but she has promised to make supporting French families a priority for the government which might well make more French people think they can get married and have babies because the state will assist them. Macron will carry on giving foreign-born families priority over native French ones.

      "Please tell me how supporting someone pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality being in power in France counts as being pro-French and pro-Catholic, whereas supporting someone else pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality being in power in France is anti-French and anti-Catholic."
      I never argued that any of this was pro-Catholic. The Catholic Church in France has never supported LePen. They did have nice things to say about Fillon who had the same positions basically as LePen on abortion and gay marriage (it's legal and will stay that way) so if that is anti-Catholic then so is the Catholic Church. As for being pro-French, yeah, I don't think I'm out of bounds for saying that the candidate who wants to stop more non-French coming in and making France a majority non-French country is more pro-French than the open-borders, pro-EU, terrorism is the price we have to pay for the benefits of a multicultural society candidate. (...)

    7. "Please tell me what the difference is, other than what is done after the French people start committing self-genocide, rather than preventing such an atrocity in the first place."
      Again, one wants more non-French people in France, the other wants France to stay a majority French country. As for committing self-genocide, if by that you mean failing to reproduce and having abortions, that's already happening and has been for decades. The time for "preventing such an atrocity in the first place" is long past. If you're looking for that, you're looking for something only God or maybe Dr Who could accomplish.

      "Please tell me what the substantial moral difference is in what would happen to France after the diminution of the French people, given what I said above."
      Now, the question is what "moral" difference it would make? That, I suppose, would depend on whether you consider Islam morally superior or inferior to the France of today or the France of yesterday. As I said, perfectly seriously, if abortion and homosexuality are at the very top of your moral hierarchy, then letting things continue as they are will solve the problem because an Islamic France would certainly outlaw these things.

      Lastly, I will repeat something I've said before in the hopes of shedding some light on what I thought was a very simple position of mine that a vote for LePen is a strategic vote, not one that will solve all problems. You said you're American, as such you should know that the Democrats support abortion and gay marriage. In fact, the leader of the DNC recently said that anyone who doesn't support abortion is not welcome in the Democrat Party. You should also know that the vast majority of Muslims in America vote for the Democrats even though they don't believe in abortion or gay marriage.
      Why do you suppose this is?
      It is because they are voting strategically, in their long-term self-interest. They're not gay and they're not having abortions, whether it's legal or not so that doesn't concern them. They vote for the party that lets them keep their customs here and allows more of their co-religionists into the country. The more there are, the more power they have and thus at some point they can change things to make the country the way they think it should be, according to their morals and values. They looked at Trump and Clinton, neither of them Muslim, neither of them living as Muslims think people should live, and still went out and voted for Clinton because that was in their interests. In France, they have identified LePen as the candidate most detrimental to their interests and so they vote against her and for the "center" or left-wing candidates who are beneficial to their interests.

      They are not sitting it out or refusing to take a side. That would not serve their priorities. If it would serve yours, that's the smart thing to do. I wasn't being angry or uncharitable to say so, I was stating a very elementary fact. If you regard a comment that you are acting appropriately given your priorities as an angry and uncharitable remark, that can only be due to your priorities themselves rather than anything I said.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. "Okay, last time: you did make some good points and I should have acknowledged them and thanked you for them. I apologize for that.

      It was just hard to accept them because you were still making things personal and jumping to libelous conclusions about me unnecessarily and inexplicably--and also because I struggle against pride and emotional problems myself, the latter of which is on me, not you. I focused on that instead of on your actual points. Still, you might have left out those parts.

      But I draw the line at saying "God or maybe Dr. Who". I'm still going to stop commenting here, and if you publish my last comment I will probably delete it as I've deleted some of my others. Beyond that I probably won't even get on this site again, lest I be tempted to comment again.

      Peace. Goodbye this time."

      Fine by me. All you've done is start every comment by attacking my character, accusing me of getting angry, being uncharitable, making things personal etc when I have done nothing of the sort. From the very start I responded to your every comment and purposely tried to be as positive as I could be. I have never criticized you, I have never attacked your character, I have only responded to your comments which, best as I can tell, amount to you and I simply having a different set of priorities. Yet, when I point this out, you accuse me of attacking you in some way. Delete your comments if you like, shove off if you like, I'm not going to walk on eggshells.

  4. Have you ever thought about writing a book MadMonarchist? I've been reading your blog for over a year and I have to say that you are one of the most interesting and historically literate people have seen.

    1. I have thought about it but not too seriously. I cannot imagine it would sell enough to be worth the time I would put into it and with my health declining and the demands on my time increasing, I doubt it would be feasible. I appreciate the compliment though.

    2. I am sorry to hear about the misfortunes in your personal life. Perhaps you could try collecting the best of your essays written here, there are many here the highest quality and publishing them. Also, have you considered at all branching out and becoming more involved with the dissident Right? I've have seen your YouTube videos, you could try appearing on a few podcasts and writing for and/or being interviewed by various blogs and sites. It would be a horrible shame to see this site end with you, I know you strongly believe in what you write but being so atomized around just this blog isn't the best way to spread your beliefs.

      These are all just suggestions, I would think less of you if you decided not to take them up, it is just you and your ideas have much more potential than they currently hold.

    3. If you had a patreon I would donate. Someone like you deserves their viewpoints to be spread far and wide.

    4. To MadOhioan: I'm not opposed to appearing on or being interviewed by others but I have to be asked first. I did a few quite some years ago at this point but none lately.

      To California Conservative: I appreciate the thought but I don't need donations. As for spreading the word around, I certainly don't object to anyone doing that.

  5. I found an interesting news about it The link is below and what surprises me is that the page says "Putting 'native French' first
    Treatment of immigrants in France is probably the standout, far-right policy of Marine Le Pen's FN. And it is central to the party's platform.
    Jobs, welfare, housing, schools, or any area of public provision should go to French nationals before they get to "foreigners".
    The centre of gravity of French politics may have shifted to the right. But no other party has adopted favouritism across the social services - and it could breach the law.

    She is upholding a policy that not only is thought by constitutional experts to be unconstitutional, but has been judged by the law to be unlawful," says Prof Shields."
    That actually surprised me a lot that it is illegal in France to put French nationals firs.t Imagine the horror that France belongs to French

    1. It would have surprised me before but not know, this is why I wrote an article a while back all about how the liberal-left seems to be trying to prove Mussolini right every day. I have no doubt, just as the courts in America have blocked or severely stalled Trump's temporary travel ban or withholding of funds from cities that refuse to enforce federal law, that if by some miracle Le Pen got elected, if the legislature could not stop her, they would enlist the courts to do the job. For these people, the rules never apply to them and whereas being racist or xenophobic used to mean you thought your people were better than every other, it is now enough to simply want your people to survive, even in their own ancestral homeland.

    2. Sadly. Also sadly it doesn't look like she'll win. After Brexit, I really hoped that the other eu-sceptic parties will win and EU will finally be disbanded, but it looks like it won't happen, except maybe in Czech Republic, as Czech is the only country in Europe, where every single party that I know of is EU-sceptic.


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