Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monarchist Music: Kimigayo

You can tell alot about a country from its national anthem and, for a monarchist, there are none better than those that are songs of tribute to the monarch. As such, one of my favorites is the national anthem of Japan (the oldest in the world, in terms of the lyrics at least) called Kimigayo or 'The Reign of the Emperor'. Like traditional Japan itself, it is simple, elegant, respectful and beautiful. Here is a video from a ball game featuring a Japanese high school girl singing the anthem with such talent that it gave me chills. I thought it was just gorgeous and had to share it. This girl has some serious talent. It is a million times more moving to me (a foreign devil) than any pop star screeching "The Star Spangled Banner". Watch, listen, and see if you agree:

1 comment:

  1. I have no connection to Japan at all but whenever i hear this anthem it really leaves a lump in my throat. Maybe it's as you rightly point out it is so dignified and not as 'flashy' as say the US or France etc.


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