Thursday, November 22, 2012

Restore the Red Ensign!

I would like to direct the attention of readers (particularly those in the Commonwealth and Her Majesty's Dominion of Canada) to this video with Canadian journalist Brigitte Pellerin on the removal of the Canadian flag by the minority government of Quebec. I applaud Ms. Pellerin and could not agree with her more. She points out that, aside from their flag antics, members of the Bloc Quebecois frequently "mumble" their required oath of loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen, basically acting childish about a supremely solemn moment because of their stupid anger, some even shouting "Vive la Republique" at the end, but who still are glad to accept the Queen's salary. Particularly though, I agree with Ms. Pellerin in pointing out (correctly) that the adoption of the Maple Leaf flag in the first place was an effort to placate Quebec and that if this flag is no longer acceptable then it should be discarded entirely and the Canadian Red Ensign restored as the national flag of Canada. I like the Maple Leaf fine but the Red Ensign was the first, true national flag of Canada and there was no reason to get rid of it. I would be thrilled to see it come back. God Save the Queen of Canada!


  1. I rather like current canadian flag. Its simple and elegant. I also like Australian Eureka Flag (symbol of miners who opposed government regulation - I can sympathize), unfortunately it is pretty much hijacked by various leftist radicals :(

  2. I actually prefer the Red Ensign myself, from an aesthetic view.

    Personally, I think it needs ot be broguth back as well.

    Then again, I think the UK needs to leave the EU and form a similar union with its commonwealth rather than nations it has less in common with.

    1. I'd like to see the UK, US, Canada and Australia all leave the UN, NATO and (for Britain) the EU and form their own military alliance.

  3. I love the Red Ensign. Full of history, tradition, monarchy and yet distinctly CANADIAN where all Canadians were represented.


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