Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mad Motivation


  1. I suppose at least this one is properly French though...

    1. Just as Robespierre was properly French and Cromwell was properly English. And Karl Marx was an anti-Semite, some people are bent on doing their own people harm. I doubt there's any explaining it.

    2. Speaking of which - have you heard of the Swedish green party wanting to remove statues of Gustavus Adolphus and Carl XII because they are symbols of "war, aggression, misery and oppression" and need to be replaced with ones of "peace, tolerance, diversity, freedom and solidarity"?

      I can't find an English-language version of the article however, a Swede translated this one for me:


    3. Well, to be fair, such statues have obviously had an impact on the Swedes. Just look at all the wars they've started like, ...uh, ...let's see, ...oh, no, I guess these people are just STUPID! Yeah, that's it.


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