Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite Royal Images: An Archduchess of Austria

HIRH Archduchess Elizabeth of Austria, the poor, misguided daughter of Crown Prince Rudolf and Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria-Hungary.


  1. Striking and handsome in that unmistakable Wittelsbach way. Unfortunately also one of those who give the family the reputation for instability.

    1. She really went off the rails as far as I'm concerned, yet, I cannot judge her too harshly. Given where she came from, the poor girl never really had a chance.

    2. There is certainly something Wittelsbach in her; it's nigh on unmistakable. Rudolf (one of my favorite royals of the period) had this quality about him as well.

  2. Strange to think she was the niece of the pious, dignified Marie-Valerie...

  3. Her eyes and general expression indicate that she was seriously emotionally disturbed.

    What, if I may ask, did she do wrong?
    I remember Crown Prince Rudolf of course, who could forget that story?
    But I didn't recall that he and Stephanie had had a daughter.

    Eek !


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