Sunday, May 13, 2012

MM Video: The Last Empresses of Iran


  1. Nice !

    Fitting to see on Mother's Day, as these 3 could
    be called the Mothers of their people.

    From what I found when I traveled there extensively, all 3 Empresses are well remembered by middle age and older Iranians, who sometimes discuss the characteristics of each.

    Some rare photographs of the first two wives of the Shah.

    It's touching to see pictures of the Shah himself
    after all these years. One can see the strain
    and barely suppressed bitterness in the later pics.

    The Shah was obviously upset about the shocking lack of support from American politicians and diplomats,
    despite his staunch backing of U.S. policies in the Persian Gulf region for DECADES.

    Carter's State Dept tossed the Shah out with a shrug of indifference. It was the coldest, cruelest behavior.

    Ever since that dreadful betrayal, U.S. administrations have whined away about the lack
    of a pro-American government in Iran.

    Of course, they never bother to ask WHY that is so ! Not to mention, take the blame they richly deserve for the scandalous ejection of
    the Shah.

    The frame of the Shah's tomb in the mosque in Cairo is moving.
    I wonder who the grieving figure is ?

    What an evocative scene.
    There were a number of pilgrims present when
    I visited his tomb. It was not empty like this.

    1. That is true and no one will even defend him, with the sole exception of President Reagan (I've posted the video before) who said it was positively shameful that the U.S. abandoned someone who had been such a staunch ally, who had done so much for his people and whose overthrow was not desired by the great majority of Iranians.

      The grieving figure is Empress Farrah. She goes there regularly and, I assume, is granted some privacy at such times by those who oversee the mosque.

    2. Exactly ! Except for a few Iranian Monarchist sites,
      and you, there is no one out there who even REMEMBERS the Shah, it seems !

      Just shocking. He was a major figure at that era.
      A few decades ago, Americans would say "The Shah of Iran", it was with
      an air of deep respect and awe. As though
      he were the ruler of all of Asia...

      Now they either know nothing ; or a lot of liberal garbage
      about Mossadeqh, that horrible socialist !

      I always contend that it was a great move to reinstate the Shah, simply one of the absolute best things America has achieved
      in the Middle East for half a century !

      The rest of U.S. foreign policy has been unbelievably ignorant meddling or throwing money at the wrong people.
      Usually both !

      Thanks for the info about Farah. Really incredible photo.

      I will watch the Reagan video, thank God he spoke out.
      It WAS his predecessor Carter and his administration's shameful behavior which
      gave the green light for the Shah to be removed from
      the Peacock Throne.

      The Shah himself always said he felt much better when
      Republicans were in power in the U.S.
      Every time a Democrat was elected, it meant trouble forhim.

  2. It's sad that Iran is running head long into oblivion and madness, when it used to be such a nice country.

    May one day the Empress and the Monarchy be restored.


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